Integration Overview

Extend, Customize, and Integrate with Checkbox Survey

Checkbox Survey’s Developer Tools, including our Web Services/API, Software Developer Kit, and Source Code can help you take your survey capabilities to the next level of form and function. Integrate with existing systems, extend the application by creating custom survey items, or customize it to meet your organization’s needs.

Checkbox Survey can be seamlessly integrated into web sites, software applications, and other third-party tools and systems to help your business run more smoothly and efficiently. Continue on below to learn more about our developer tools.


Looking to offer survey creation or editing to your customers?

Checkbox offers OEM and White Label/Private Label license options for companies that are looking to sell a private label online survey tool or integrate surveys into their own software for sale or distribution. Please contact us for OEM license options and pricing.

Web Services/API

Checkbox Survey API/Web Services

Checkbox’s Web Services are a robust set of services that can be used to automate certain processes within Checkbox, and allow developers to move certain actions out of the application into their own CRM systems.

For instance, you can utilize the UserManagement service to create a new user in Checkbox when a lead visits your website. Once the user is created, you can then use the InvitationManagement service to create a new invitation and send a survey to that user. Once the response has been collected, you can then use the ResponseData service to pull the response information back into your CRM.

Access to our Web Services is free for all Checkbox Server licenses and all Checkbox Online accounts, with the exception of Basic accounts.

Below is a table of the services available and a brief description of what they can be used for :

Service What It Does
UserManagement Get, Create, Edit, Manage users and groups
Authentication Authenticate against Checkbox. Useful for creating SSO portals.
InvitationManagement Get, Create, Edit, Manage invitations and reminders.
ResponseData Get survey response data.
SecurityManagement Get, Create, Edit, Manage access control lists (which control who has access to surveys).
StyleManagement Get, Manage survey styles.
SurveyManagement Get, Manage surveys and folders.
StyleEditor/SurveyEditor Get information about surveys and styles.
ReportData Get, Manage Reports


Documentation & Example Code

Access to the Checkbox Survey Software Developer Kit includes a handy Get Started Guide, developer documentation, and developer code samples to help you get started on your integration and customization projects.

Important Note: The Web Services cannot be used to extend the functionality of Checkbox. Customizing the application or adding new items/function will require purchase of the SDK or Source Code and additional development work by your organization.

SDK & Source Code

Create a Fully Custom Survey Software Solution

If you’ve read about Style and Branding in our Features section, you already know that you can white label your Checkbox surveys so that they match your organization’s brand. You also know that the Checkbox name and brand will never appear on your surveys (for all paid accounts) and that we even offer the option to use your own domain in your survey URLs.

But did you also know that the Checkbox Software Developer Kit (SDK) and Source Code give Server customers the ability to fully customize and white label/private label the entire application? Re-brand the application, create new survey/report items and web services, integrate Checkbox into third-party systems, add additional functionality, customize the software’s workflow, and much more.

For more information and pricing, please contact our sales team.

 SDK vs. Source Code

If you’re not sure if you need the SDK or Source, a good rule of thumb is that if you want to add a new element to Checkbox, the SDK will generally suffice. However, if you want to change an existing feature or functionality you probably need the Source Code. These aren’t hard and fast rules, so if you have a project or customization in mind, please contact our sales team and we’d be happy to talk it through with you.

Below are some examples of changes you can make to Checkbox and the tool (SDK or Source) that you will generally need for each change:


Customization What you’ll need
Add a new survey or report item SDK
Edit an existing survey or report item Source Code
Integrate Checkbox into a third-party system Source Code
Rebrand Checkbox’s User Interface SDK
Add new web service methods to an existing service Source Code
Add new web service methods to a new service SDK
Alter the workflow of the application Source Code


*Important Notes: Customization of Checkbox using the SDK or Source Code requires custom development, which is not provided or supported by Checkbox at this time. 

The Checkbox Survey License Agreement permits the software to be customized and integrated into other applications for internal business purposes. If you would like to White Label or integrate Checkbox for the purposes of distributing Checkbox or the integrated application to customers or third-parties, please read on to learn more about our OEM and White Label/Private Label licenses.

OEM & White Label/Private Label

Create Revenue Opportunities with Online Survey Software

Through its OEM and White Label/Private Label survey software programs, Checkbox Survey offers software developers, market research and service companies, and many other types of organizations the opportunity to add to their revenue stream by embedding Checkbox technology into their software or cloud applications or sub-licensing our survey software as a private label application. The included SDK allows our OEM and White Label licensees to completely re-brand and customize the application to give their customers a seamless user experience.

laptop oem2

What’s the difference between an OEM and White Label license?

Our OEM license allows you to integrate Checkbox into your own software, cloud-hosted application or service and then sell, sub-license or give access to that integrated product or service to your clients or other people outside your organization. The OEM license only covers distribution of that integrated product or service – i.e. you can’t rebrand and sell or give away Checkbox as a stand-alone application to anyone outside your organization. For example, an event management software company might want to add a module to their software to allow event planners to send feedback surveys to event attendees. Rather than building their own survey tool, they may purchase an OEM license that would allow them to integrate Checkbox surveys into their software and sell that integrated software to their customers.

A White Label or Private Label license, on the other hand, DOES allow you to re-brand Checkbox and sell or distribute it as a stand-alone product. White Label licenses, though more expensive than OEM licenses, are still a fraction of the cost of developing a survey software application as robust as Checkbox. They are a great alternative for companies looking to expand their business into survey.

For more information, pricing, or to review our full OEM and White Label Terms and Conditions, please contact our sales team or fill out the form below.

What does it cost?

Ah, the million dollar question. (We promise it’s not really a million dollars). We’re not going to lie – OEM and White Label licenses aren’t cheap and they do cost more than a standard Server license. However, if you are considering adding surveys into your application for resale or want to sell survey software as part of your business, there are two important questions to ask:

  1. Cost-Benefit Analysis: Am I going to make significantly more than the cost of Checkbox in revenue from this new product or business line?
  2. Build vs. Buy: Can I build my own online survey software for less than the cost of a Checkbox OEM or White Label license?

We can’t really answer #1 for you, but we can certainly help you with #2. Checkbox Survey is the product of over ten years and over one hundred thousand hours of development and design work. We guarantee you won’t be able to build a survey tool with even half its technical and performance/security features for less.

Plus, we offer flexible pricing models that include annual and perpetual plans and options for low-use licenses. And if we don’t have a plan that fits your organization and use case, we’ll make one for you.

Do you have any OEM or White Label customers?

Absolutely! While we can’t divulge the names of our OEM and White Label customers’ names due to privacy agreements, here’s how a few of them are using Checkbox to create unique revenue opportunities:

  • A provider of proprietary patient engagement software uses Checkbox surveys to measure patient engagement and satisfaction
  • A provider of government information solutions offers Checkbox as part of a software package to government agencies
  • A major university uses Checkbox as part of a custom social networking platform
  • A technology solutions provider uses a custom version of Checkbox to allow their users to build their own mobile apps
  • A developer of clinical trial solutions uses Checkbox to collect patient data electronically

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