Checkbox Mobile Survey Tool

Beautiful Mobile Surveys Anytime, Anywhere

It’s a mobile world and your surveys and forms need to be able to keep pace with today’s fast-moving mobile technology. Checkbox Survey allows you the freedom and flexibility to run your surveys on almost any browser that’s connected to the internet, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. That means respondents can take surveys or fill out forms at their desks or on the go.

Download our free Mobile Survey Best Practices Guide and get started creating surveys on the go with Checkbox.

  • Checkbox Online Mobile Surveys
  • Mobile Themes and Custom Styles

    Checkbox Survey, with the help of jQuery Mobile, detects when a user is taking a survey on a mobile device and browser and automatically scales that survey for the optimum mobile experience. Make your mobile surveys look even better with the addition of built-in mobile themes or custom style templates.

  • Phone and Tablet Friendly

    If you can read this page on your mobile device, you can probably use it to take a Checkbox Survey. While we don’t suggest creating long, overly complex surveys for mobile users, almost all Checkbox surveys can be completed on the majority of mobile phones and tablets with internet access. So what are you waiting for – go mobile!

  • Flexible Survey Taking

    Nobody wants to create a survey or form and have to worry about whether or not their respondents are going to be able to fill it out. With Checkbox, you can create one survey for all your respondents and let them choose whether to take it on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. With our Save and Continue feature, you can even give your respondents the option to start a survey on a mobile device and finish it later on that same device or on their computer. This is especially helpful for mobile users who may encounter intermittent network coverage or battery issues.

  • In-Person Data Collection

    Checkbox is a great survey tool for traditional online surveys that are distributed through email or your website. But load your survey or form on a mobile tablet and you can really broaden the data collection possibilities! Survey attendees at an event or trade show, gather live feedback while sampling your product at a retail store, collect patient information paperlessly at a doctor’s office or hospital, or collect sales or expense data from your sales reps in the field. The uses for Checkbox Survey on mobile devices are really limited only by your imagination!

Survey Question Libraries

Organize and Store For Reuse

Never type the same question or answer set again! Checkbox Question Libraries allow you to save frequently used questions and answers for use over and over again by you and other in your organization.

  • Question Libraries allow you to save frequently used questions for use in future surveys. They can be kept private or shared with other users.

  • Adding questions from a library is quick and easy using the Checkbox Survey Editor. You can use a combination of library questions and new questions in all your surveys.

  • Libraries can be created from scratch or can be copied from an existing survey.

  • Minimize Repetitive Data

    Commonly used questions or rating scales can be stored in libraries to eliminate re-creating them from scratch each time they are required.

  • Keep Data Consistent

    Frequently used data, such as employee names and office locations, can be stored in a common database to eliminate double-entry and ensure consistency across all surveys.

  • Easy to Create and Use

    Question Libraries can be easily created from scratch, imported from an XML file, or saved from an existing survey. And adding questions from one or more libraries is as easy as a couple mouse clicks in the Checkbox Survey Editor.

  • Make Libraries Shared or Private

    Libraries are completely yours to control. Choose to keep them private or allow others in your organization to use and/or edit them. You can even export libraries to an XML file for use by other applications.

Developer Tools

Extend, Customize, and Integrate with Checkbox Survey

By leveraging Checkbox Survey’s Developer Tools, including web services, developer documentation and source files, you can take your survey capabilities to the next level of form and function. Integrate with existing systems, extend the application by creating custom survey items, or customize it to meet your organization’s unique requirements.

Checkbox Survey can be seamlessly integrated into existing web sites, software applications, and enterprise infrastructure with minimal development effort.

Contact our sales team today to learn more about Checkbox Survey Developer Tools and how they can be purchased with Checkbox Survey Software.

Looking to resell Checkbox as part of your own software solution? Checkbox offers an OEM license option for those who wish to integrate Checkbox into a solution for third-party distribution or resale. Please contact us for OEM license options and pricing.

Key Benefits of Checkbox Survey Software Developer Tools

Web Services Support

Checkbox Survey’s set of web services allow you access to a robust set of services including:

  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Invitation Management
  • Progress Reporting
  • Report Data
  • Response Data
  • Security Management
  • Style Editor
  • Style Management
  • Survey Editor
  • Survey Management
  • User Management
  • Integrate Checkbox Directly with Other Applications

Documentation & Example Code

Access to the Checkbox Survey Software Developer Kit includes a handy Get Started Guide, developer documentation, and developer code samples to help you get started on your integration and customization projects.


Overview of Section 508

In 1998 the US Congress amended the Rehabilitation Act to require Federal agencies to make their electronic and information technology accessible to people with disabilities. Section 508 was enacted to eliminate barriers in information technology, to make available new opportunities for people with disabilities, and to encourage development of technologies that will help achieve these goals. The law applies to all Federal agencies when they develop, procure, maintain, or use electronic and information technology. Under Section 508, agencies must give disabled employees and members of the public access to information that is comparable to the access available to others.

Section 508 as it Applies to Checkbox Survey

It is possible to create Section 508 compliant surveys with Checkbox by following a few simple guidelines. Below are the specific requirements for 508 compliance web sites and web applications, along with an explanation of how Checkbox addresses each requirement.

  • Text Equivalents: A text equivalent for every non-text element shall be provided (e.g., via “alt”, “longdesc”, or in element content). In Checkbox, “alt text” values can be associated with uploaded images and header images. There is not “alt text” value for the background images of style sheets, so background images should not be used in surveys that need to be 508 compliant. We also recommend excluding slider items with images and matrix items from surveys that need to be 508 compliant, in order to make them readable by screen readers.
  • Multimedia Equivalents: Equivalent alternatives for any multimedia presentation shall be synchronized with the presentation. Videos can be embedded in Checkbox surveys using the HTML display item. Because there is no way to synchronize equivalent text alternatives with the videos, embedded videos are not recommended for surveys that need to be 508 compliant.
  • Web Page Color: Web pages shall be designed so that all information conveyed with color is also available without color, for example from context or markup. Checkbox surveys can be associated with a style sheet or launched with no associated style sheet.  All text element colors can be controlled to comply with color and contrast requirements of Section 508.
  • Style Sheets: Documents shall be organized so they are readable without requiring an associated style sheet. Checkbox surveys can be associated with a style sheet or launched with no associated style sheet.  All text element colors can be controlled to comply with color and contrast requirements of Section 508.
  • Server-side Image Maps: Redundant text links shall be provided for each active region of a server-side image map. Image maps do not apply to images used in Checkbox surveys.
  • Client-side Image Maps: Client-side image maps shall be provided instead of server-side image maps except where the regions cannot be defined with an available geometric shape. Image maps do not apply to images used in Checkbox surveys.
  • Data Tables: Row and column headers shall be identified for data tables. In Checkbox surveys, row and column headers are identified in matrix items and response tables. However, we recommend excluding matrix items from surveys that need to be 508 compliant because complex matrices can be difficult to read for screen readers.
  • Data Tables with Multiple Headers: Markup shall be used to associate data cells and header cells for data tables that have two or more logical levels of row or column headers. In Checkbox surveys, row and column headers are identified in matrix items and response tables. However, we recommend excluding matrix items from surveys that need to be 508 compliant because complex matrices can be difficult to read for screen readers.
  • Frames: Frames shall be titled with text that facilitates frame identification and navigation. Checkbox surveys can be embedded into websites using iframes, but this use is not recommended for accessible surveys.
  • Page Flicker: Pages shall be designed to avoid causing the screen to flicker with a frequency greater than 2 Hz and lower than 55 Hz. Checkbox survey items have all been tested and found to contain no blinking or flickering elements.
  • Text-Only Pages: A text-only page, with equivalent information or functionality, shall be provided to make a web site comply with the provisions of this part, when compliance cannot be accomplished in any other way. The content of the text-only page shall be updated whenever the primary page changes. Text-only versions of Checkbox surveys can be easily created by omitting image and other display items, slider question items, and matrix question items. Text-only surveys should also use a style sheet that contains no image items, such as image headers and footers and background images.
  • Scripting Elements: When pages utilize scripting languages to display content, or to create interface elements, the information provided by the script shall be identified with functional text that can be read by assistive technology. Checkbox only uses scripting to create or display page elements based on conditions or merged items that have been specified by the survey editor. Checkbox survey elements created by scripting are entirely optional and can be omitted in accessible surveys.
  • Applets and Plug-Ins: When a web page requires that an applet, plug-in or other application be present on the client system to interpret page content, the page must provide a link to a plug-in or applet that complies with §1194.21(a) through (l). No applets or plug-ins are required to take Checkbox surveys.
  • Electronic Form Elements: When electronic forms are designed to be completed on-line, the form shall allow people using assistive technology to access the information, field elements, and functionality required for completion and submission of the form, including all directions and cues. Checkbox does not contain any complex, multi-element form items, so each text item used in an online form has its own distinct label which can be read by screen readers. Further, Checkbox surveys can be easily designed to follow a single column format and all question items can be navigated using keyboard controls. We recommend keeping surveys and forms as simple as possible and limiting the use of multi-line text items in order to increase the ease with which the survey can be navigated using keyboard controls and other assistive technology.
  • Repetitive Navigation Links: A method shall be provided that permits users to skip repetitive navigation links. All navigation links associated with Checkbox surveys are entered manually by the survey editor during the survey creation process, so the survey editor has complete control over the number and nature of links contained in each survey.
  • Timed Responses: When a timed response is required, the user shall be alerted and given sufficient time to indicate more time is required. The time it takes for a respondent to complete a Checkbox survey is recorded in the Checkbox database, but at this time there is no option to limit the time a respondent has to take a survey.

Checkbox Survey Software Features

Create, Brand, Share, & Analyze Professional Online Surveys and Forms

Organizations use online survey tools for all kinds of functions – from online forms to customer satisfaction to clinical research, and everything in between – and your survey software needs to be flexible and full of advanced features to meet those needs. Checkbox Survey was created with you in mind.

Our survey software is a heavy hitter when it comes to features like advanced conditions and merging, and security options like SSL encryption. But we also give you one of the most flexible tools on the market, with hosted and installed delivery options, Web Services, custom items, not to mention pricing plans for every organization size and budget.

Not seeing a feature you need✓ Request it here – we love building the features our customers want!

Professional Online Survey Software

Online Server
14 Day Trial
14 Day Trial
30 Day Trial
30 Day Trial
The Basics
Unlimited Surveys
Unlimited Questions
Unlimited Responses
Unlimited Style Templates
Hosted by us
Runs on your servers
Accessed via Web Browser
In-House Online Support Priority Optional Optional
In-House Phone Support Priority Optional Optional
Dedicated Account Rep
Monthly Limits
Licensed Users 1 15 5 Unlimited
Email Invitations 50,000 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Uploaded File Storage Limits 2GB 8GB N/A N/A
Survey Creation
At -a-Glance Dashboard View
Drag and Drop Controls
Real-time Preview & Testing
Question Randomization
Answer Randomization
Copy Survey Feature
Survey Import & Export (XML)
Question & Display Types
Radio Button (select one)
Checkbox (select many)
Dropdown Menu
Rating (Likert) Scale
Rank Order
Slider Item
Single Type Matrix (table)
Multi-Type Matrix (table)
Single-Line Free Text
Multi-Line Free Text
File Upload
Display HTML Item
Display Message
Display Report Item
Display Image
Display Scoring Message
Display Current Score
Display Response Summary
Logic & Events
Conditions Based on Responses
Conditions Based on User Profile
Conditions Based on Survey Data
Same-Page Conditions
Branching (Skip) Logic
Logic Event – URL Redirect
Logic Event – Send an Email
Logic Event – Custom Message
Logic Event – Display Report
Logic Event – Close Browser
Email Alerts
Email Response Notifications
Automatically Update a User Profile
Advanced Features
Merge Previous Answers/Questions
Merge User Profile Data
Merge Survey Data
Query String Hidden Items
Collect Cookie or Session Data
Question Libraries
Scored Surveys
Score-Based Messages
Multi-Language Surveys
API/Web Services
Style & Branding
Use Your Own Domain
Account Sub-Domains 1 2 Unlimited Unlimited
Create Custom Style Templates
Built-in Mobile Styles
Add Custom Header/Footer
Add Custom Background
Customize Colors/Fonts
Custom Button Text
Real-time Style Preview
Style Template Import/Export
Users & Teams
User Groups/Teams
Share/Restrict Survey Access
Share/Restrict Report Access
Share/Restrict Style Access
Share/Restrict Library Access
User Import
Custom User Attributes
User Registration Function
Forgot Password Feature
Encrypted passwords and database connection
Security & Permissions
Public Surveys
Password Protected Surveys
Registered User Surveys
Invitation Only Surveys
Custom Access Control List
Show or Hide Back Button
Set Survey Start and End Date
Survey Total & Per User Quota
Application-Level Security
SSL Support
Active Directory Support
Cookie or Cookie-less Authentication
Survey Distribution
Distribute via Public Link
Embed in Website
Share via Facebook
Share via Twitter
HTML or Text Email Invitations
Invite Users, User Groups, Email Lists
Merge User Data into Invitations
Track Invitation Response Rates
Send Reminders
Process Invitation Opt-Outs
Optional Auto-Login
Results Analysis
.CSV Export
SPSS (.SAV) Export
Statistics Table for Rating Scale
Average Score
Matrix Summary
Response Details
Column Graph
Line Graph
Pie Chart
Bar Graph
Doughnut Chart
Summary Table