Server Edition Overview

Install Checkbox on Your Own Servers, Cloud, or VM

With the Server Edition of Checkbox Survey, you are in complete control of your survey infrastructure. All licenses are perpetual (meaning you don’t have to pay a license fee each year) and can run on any server or virtual instance (including Amazon Web Services, Rackspace Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or VMware Servers) that meet the Server Edition requirements.


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  • Full Control of Your Environment

    By installing Checkbox Survey Software on your own server or virtual instance, you retain full control of your environment. While we always recommend staying current with the most recent Checkbox release to take advantage of new features and enhancements, that means you’re free to schedule updates when it’s most convenient for you. Maintaining your own servers is also ideal for those customers with restrictive security and privacy policies.

  • Physical or Virtual Environment Support

    Checkbox Survey Software can be installed on either physical servers or virtual instances. It runs on all of the major cloud and virtual offerings, including Amazon Web Services (current support for EC2, RDS, SNS, S3, Elastic Load Balancing, DynamoDB, Elasticache, Elastic Beanstalk); Rackspace Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and VMware Servers. View our Server Edition requirements for more technical requirements.

  • Tried and True Microsoft .NET Architecture

    Checkox Survey Server Edition is powered by Microsoft .NET, an industry leading software framework that powers many of today’s most popular web applications. Since it’s included with Microsoft Windows, it’s also something that most organizations already have access to. Read more about the architecture of Checkbox Survey.

  • One-Time License Fee

    Checkbox Survey Server Edition is sold as a perpetual license, meaning that you can use the license you purchase for as long as you’d like without ever having to pay an additional fee. Product support and updates are optional and are available for an additional annual fee.


Powerful, Reliable Survey Software at an Affordable Price

Checkbox Survey Server offers the best in stability, reliability and security, but at a fraction of the cost of many other installed survey software applications. Powerful features and solid architecture make Checkbox one of the top choices for organizations looking for a server-based survey software tool.

If you’d prefer to host your Checkbox Survey account securely with us, check out Checkbox Online, our hosted version.

Checkbox Server License Options



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  • Installed Software

    1 Production & 3 Test Installations

    SDK (includes source files)

    5 Licensed Users

    Add Users $400/ea

    • Unlimited surveys
    • Unlimited responses
    • Unlimited reports
    • Fully web-based
    • Email Invitations/Alerts
    • SPSS Export
    • API/Web Services
    • Advanced Logic/Piping
    • Advanced User Roles
    • Multilingual Surveys

    Optional Support: Plus or Premium




  • Installed Software

    1 Production & 1 Test Installation

    Unlimited Licensed Users

    • Unlimited surveys
    • Unlimited responses
    • Unlimited reports
    • Fully web-based
    • Email Invitations/Alerts
    • SPSS Export
    • API/Web Services - Contact Us
    • Advanced Logic/Piping
    • Advanced User Roles
    • Multilingual Surveys
    • Active Directory Support
    • Web Farm Support

    Optional Support: Plus or Premium

Plus Support Server $995 /year Developer $1,295 /year Enterprise $2,495 /year

  • Unlimited Online Support
  • 4 Phone Incidents
  • Product Updates
  • Training Videos & Documentation

Additional Users Server/Developer $75 /year Enterprise N/A

Premium Support Server $1,395 /year Developer $1,795 /year Enterprise $3,495 /year

  • Unlimited Online Support
  • Unlimited Phone Support
  • Priority Service
  • Product Updates
  • Training Videos & Documentation

Additional Users Server/Developer $100 /year Enterprise N/A

Need Help Choosing?

Learn more about our plans or contact a sales team member at or 866-430-8274 (Int’l 1-617-231-8891).

Survey Server Support Plans

Get Friendly Help + Product Updates

Checkbox Customer Support is fully optional, but we highly recommend purchasing support in order to take advantage of the knowledge of our experienced staff, plus our periodic product enhancements and new features. Support can be purchased at varying levels, allowing you to tailor a package that best suits your budget and resource needs.

Customers with an active support contract are entitled to unlimited customer support*, as well as available product updates (which often include new features and performance enhancements). See below for support plan details. We also recommend you review the Checkbox Survey Support Terms before purchasing.

If you have any questions or need further details, feel free to contact us anytime.

Checkbox Support Plans

Plus Support

Server $995
Developer $1,295
Enterprise $2,495

  • Unlimited Online Support
  • 4 Phone Incidents per year
  • Friendly In-House Support Staff
  • Online Support Ticket Tracking
  • Product Updates
  • Webinars & Forums
  • Training Videos & Documentation

Premium Support

Server $1,395
Developer $1,795
Enterprise $3,495

  • Unlimited Online Support
  • Unlimited Phone Support
  • Priority Service
  • Friendly In-House Support Staff
  • Online Support Ticket Tracking
  • Product Updates
  • Webinars & Forums
  • Training Videos & Documentation

* Customer Support Contracts covers support of Checkbox Survey Server, but does not include support of ancillary applications or systems. Please see our complete Support Terms for details.



Checkbox Survey Server Version 6 Requirements

Checkbox Survey Server works on traditional servers, virtual environments (such as VMware), and cloud instances, including Amazon Web Services, Rackspace Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.


Component Minimum Requirements
Operating System 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 2008, and Windows 2012
Web Server Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) 7.0 or higher with AT LEAST 4 GB RAM*
Database Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2012, 2014. SQL Server Express Editions also supported. **
Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher (read our statement about IE8); most recent versions*** of Chrome, Firefox, Safari
Privileges Administrator access to Web Server and Database Server required for installation.
Disk Space 1GB for application installation and base database; Overall database size depends number of surveys, users, and responses.

* Larger scale deployments, such as those with large respondent pools or many administrative users, will likely require more RAM.

** For optimal performance, the database server software should not be hosted on the same physical machine as the web server.

***For Chrome and Firefox, the most recent ESR releases are also supported

Architecture and Performance

Designed For Maximum Scalability and Performance

Checkbox Survey has been designed to give you the greatest flexibility for your dollar. Checkbox Developer Tools allow Checkbox Survey to be integrated into third-party applications as well as extended with new survey questions.

  • 100% Web-Based

    With Checkbox Survey Server Edition, your end users need only a web browser to create, take, and analyze online surveys. No additional client software is required.

  • Powered by Microsoft .NET

    Microsoft’s .NET platform is the industry standard for application development on the Windows platform and provides the ultimate in security and reliability.

  • Integrate and Extend

    With Checkbox’s Developer Tools, web services are available to access and administer some of Checkbox’s most popular functions, including survey management, users, and invitations. Learn more about the Developer Tools.

  • Support For Web Farms

    Checkbox Survey is compatible with popular hardware and software load balancing and clustering tools (Checkbox Server Enterprise only), including Microsoft’s Network Load Balancer (NLB) and Amazon Web Service’s Elastic Load Balancer (ELB).

Developer Tools

Extend, Customize, and Integrate with Checkbox Survey Server Edition

By leveraging Checkbox Survey’s Developer Tools, including Web Services, developer documentation and SDK, you can take your survey capabilities to the next level of form and function. Integrate with existing systems, extend the application by creating custom survey items, or customize it to meet your organization’s unique requirements.

Checkbox Survey can be seamlessly integrated into existing web sites, software applications, and enterprise infrastructure with minimal development effort.

Contact our sales team today to learn more about Checkbox Survey Developer Tools and how they can be purchased with Checkbox Survey Software.

Also available: Checkbox also offers OEM and White Label survey software licensing options for those who wish to integrate Checkbox into a solution for resale or third-party distribution. Please contact us for OEM license options and pricing.

Key Benefits of Checkbox Survey Software Developer Tools

Web Services Support

Checkbox Survey’s set of web services allow you access to a robust set of services including:

  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Invitation Management
  • Progress Reporting
  • Report Data
  • Report Meta Data
  • Response Data
  • Security Management
  • Style Editor
  • Style Management
  • Survey Editor
  • Survey Management
  • Survey Response
  • User Management
  • Integrate Checkbox Directly with Other Applications

Documentation & Example Code

Access to the Checkbox Survey web services includes a handy Get Started Guide, developer documentation, and developer code samples to help you get started on your integration and customization projects.

Source Code & SDK

Integrate and Modify To Your Heart’s Content

Expand your potential by purchasing a Checkbox Survey SDK or Source Code license for access to Checkbox’s source code.*

Complete Customization

Change almost every aspect of the application, including workflow, the interface, and underlying business logic.

Full Integration

Compile Checkbox as part of your own Microsoft .NET project.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A source code license does NOT grant you the right to resell or sub-license Checkbox or to embed Checkbox in a product or service that is resold or licensed. If you would like to resell Checkbox or incorporate Checkbox into a product/service for resale, please inquire about our OEM and White Label licenses.

*Excludes source code to Checkbox Framework code, licensing modules, and any third party components that are embedded in the Checkbox Survey product.

Source Code Pricing Request

Your Privacy is Guaranteed
We will never sell or share lists with third parties.

Active Directory Support

With Checkbox Survey Server Edition, You Can Utilize Your Organization’s Existing Active Directory

Save time for both your users and survey administrators by connecting Checkbox to your organization’s existing Microsoft Active Directory (available with Checkbox Server Enterprise only). This allows users to login — in some cases without even having to enter their login information — and be preconfigured as a member of a group that you specify.

  • Map AD Groups to Checkbox Roles

    Save time by mapping your existing Active Directory membership groups to Checkbox roles. This allows you to set permissions easily, without the need to replicate your existing group structure. For example, all members of “Marketing” can be automatically given the Survey Editor role in Checkbox.

  • Support for Multiple Domains

    Does your company have multiple domains in your Active Directory Forest? Checkbox Survey Software 6 supports using an unlimited number of domains.

OEM & White Label Licenses

Make Our Survey Software Yours

Through its OEM and White Label/Private Label survey software programs, Checkbox Survey offers software developers, market research and service companies, and many other types of organizations the opportunity to add to their revenue stream by embedding Checkbox technology into their software or cloud applications or sub-licensing our survey software as a private label application. Checkbox’s developer tools allow our OEM and White Label licensees to completely re-brand and customize the application to give their customers a seamless user experience.

laptop oem

Embed & Integrate Checkbox Survey

The Checkbox OEM and White Label Programs spare you from having to build your own survey module by offering a highly extensible platform that’s easy to integrate with any application capable of communicating via Checkbox’s .NET API or web services.

Allow Clients to Create and Manage Their Surveys

Upgrade your Checkbox license to an OEM or White Label License and give your clients direct access to our survey software so they can create, administer, and manage their own surveys, invitations, and reports. Instead of maintaining costly consulting resources to administer customer surveys, allow your clients self-service access to our professional, easy to use online survey tool.

Flexible Pricing Models

Checkbox offers several different royalty-free pricing models for its OEM and White Label Programs, including annual, perpetual, and lower use options. And if our standard pricing doesn’t meet your needs, we’re happy to customize a plan that does. Contact our sales team today to learn more.

How Our OEM Customers are Using Checkbox

While we can’t divulge the names of our OEM and White Label customers, here’s how a few of them are using Checkbox to create unique revenue opportunities:

  • A provider of proprietary patient engagement software uses Checkbox surveys to measure patient engagement and satisfaction
  • A provider of government information solutions offers Checkbox as part of a software package to government agencies
  • A major university uses Checkbox as part of a custom social networking platform
  • A technology solutions provider uses a custom version of Checkbox to allow their users to build their own mobile apps
  • A developer of clinical trial solutions uses Checkbox to collect patient data electronically

Contact Us for More Info on OEM and White Label Licenses

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We will never sell or share lists with third parties.

Academic/Non-Profit Licenses

Professional Online Surveys at an Affordable Price

Just because you’re working with an academic or non-profit budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality or professionalism when it comes to your survey tool. Checkbox Survey offers a broad range of hosted and installable online survey products starting at just $45. And with discounts of 10%-30% for qualified academic or non-profit organizations, you’re sure to find a plan that meets your organization and budgetary needs. Contact us today for more information on our academic licenses and discounts.


Designed for Organizations of all Sizes

Whether you’re a start-up non-profit with 3 employees or a huge university with 50,000 students and alumni, Checkbox has a plan to fit your survey needs. Our hosted plans cover 1 – unlimited users, while our installed Server licenses allow for 5 – unlimited licensed users. And unlike some of our competitors, you can easily share surveys, reports and question libraries with other users. Plus, Checkbox easily scales to accommodate thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions of responses without skipping a beat.

Secure and Reliable

Checkbox Survey’s architecture, built on Microsoft’s .NET framework, is tried and true and offers one of the most comprehensive sets of security settings and features around. So whether you host your Checkbox installation with us on our secure Amazon AWS servers or choose to install Checkbox on your own servers, you can be assured that your sensitive data will be secure. .

Key Benefits for Academic and Non-Profit Surveys

  • Pre-built templates get you up and running quickly and easily
  • 100% web-based, allowing you to manage the survey life cycle with a standard web browser
  • Minimal IT resources required
  • Real-time results that can be monitored starting with the first collected response
  • Online voting and polling for instantaneous feedback in high volumes
  • User and team manager allows for cross-departmental collaboration & sharing
  • Conduct quizzes and assessments with our built-in scoring feature
  • Unlimited responses for any size organization
  • Centralizes surveys and forms institution-wide and allows for easy and secure sharing
  • Add your branding and logo to integrate seamlessly with your intranet or website

Contact Us for More Info on Academic/Non-Profit Licenses

Your Privacy is Guaranteed
We will never sell or share lists with third parties.