June 15, 2009|Checkbox Blog, Checkbox Tips & How-To's, News|

You will all have heard about the importance of testing your surveys before you issue them.  Checkbox Survey would like to take this recommendation three steps further and ensure that your end-to-end online survey solution will be a success:

1.  Test your Survey

By sending your survey to a sample group of respondents, you can easily identify any issues with questions, logic, and style.  Do the respondents understand the questions?  Are the respondents being directed to the correct questions when using branching or conditional logic?  Is the survey presented in a respondent-friendly fashion?  A sample group of respondents will give you a great insight as to whether your survey will provide your end goal objective.

2.  Test your Respondents

You may be issuing a public survey, or sending your survey to registered Checkbox users.  It is wise to test this process in advance with a sample group of respondents who will fit the criteria of your actual end users to make sure that they can access, and complete your survey as instructed. 

3.  Test your Invitations

If you plan to import users or email lists to issue your invitations, then it is best advised to test this process first.  Send an invite to yourself first to ensure it says what you need it to say and the instructions are clear.  Then test the import process if you are planning on sending your survey invite to multiple respondents or users.

4.  Test your Reports

Survey results are just as important as the survey itself, as they provide you with valuable data about your customers, employees, or services and you should always take the time to analyze the data.  Determine how you want the results presented and make sure you are able to achieve this through report generation or by exporting the data.  As above, by sending your survey initially to a sample test group, you will be able to derive the reports required or make changes where necessary before generating live results.

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