February 18, 2010|Checkbox Blog, Checkbox Tips & How-To's, News, Survey Structure & Design|

We have always encouraged our survey software users to open their surveys with a solid introductory message.

This message should explain to your respondents:

  • The goal/objective of your survey,
  • What you will do with the results,
  • How long the survey will take, and
  • Any additional instructions necessary for the respondent to complete the survey.

If your survey is longer than 5 pages and requires some thought by the respondent, it is advised that you set your survey to be able to ‘Resume’ at a later date.  This will allow your respondents to save the survey at a certain point and continue later on.  By switching on this functionality you are giving your respondent options which are more likely to result in a completed response, rather than offering a longer survey with no escape, where the respondent might lose interest.

Here is how you can do this using Checkbox’s Survey Tool:

  1. Open your survey in Checkbox’s Survey Editor
  2. Select ‘Permissions’ from the black menu bar
  3. Select the checkbox ‘Allow Users to Resume”
  4. Click ‘Update Settings’ at bottom of this page
  5. Select ‘Style’ from the black menu bar
  6. Select the checkbox ‘Show “Save and Exit” Button’
  7. A text box will now appear and you can customize the message that will appear to the respondent
  8. Select the ‘Submit’ button at bottom of this page to save settings.


Respondents will now view the survey as appears below with the option to ‘Save and Exit’:


The respondent will then receive the following message that explains they can save the following URL and navigate to it at any time to continue where they left off, or they have the option to insert their email address and the URL will be emailed to them as a reminder.