When most people think of online surveys, customer satisfaction or employee feedback surveys often come to mind. But there are so many other creative and fantastic uses of online survey tools. Here at Checkbox, we all love talking to customers and learning about some of the unique ways they use our software. It seems every time I turn around, someone gives me another idea, so I wanted to share with you a few of the examples that I think have far-reaching implications for many organizations:

  • Event registration forms:  Several of our clients have used Checkbox to collect registration information for conferences or other events. They created custom online forms to gather data such as name, company, event attending, meal preferences, hotel rooms needed, etc. Some have even used Checkbox’s web services to send payment information to their credit card processor so that payment for the event could be made all in one step. The main advantage of using Checkbox for even registration is that all registrant information is stored in the Checkbox database, which means that follow-up communications and surveys can be easily sent without having to import contact data from another system.
  • Risk Assessments:  Many corporations and organizations, especially those with large volumes of sensitive data, routinely perform risk assessments to ensure their security and damage control protocols are sufficient to protect against potential catastrophe. Although specialized risk assessment software is readily available, it tends to be expensive and sometimes over-specialized. Checkbox Survey has been an affordable alternative for our clients who wish to design their own risk assessments or assess risks across multiple departments or business units.
  •  Compliance Surveys:  A number of Checkbox clients use our survey software for compliance evaluations. These online surveys are used internally and externally to measure anything from employee, contractor, and vendor compliance with safety regulations to physical and data security protocols to environmental guidelines. As with risk assessments, there are software packages available that are specifically designed for compliance evaluations. Our clients have chosen Checkbox for their compliance surveys because of its affordability and flexibility. Checkbox’s user management module, question libraries, and templates make it easy create and share evaluations with different purposes across an entire organization.
  • Focus Groups: Online survey and data collection software is becoming a popular alternative to traditional paper note taking for focus group moderators. Personal and demographic data from participants can easily be collected alongside their responses for easier reporting and analysis. This data can also be used to send follow-up surveys or to link together multiple surveys or sessions for the same user.
  • Medical Research: We’ve seen quite a bit of growth in the use of online survey and data collection software by medical professionals in the last couple of years. Research hospitals and medical research facilities have always had a need for data collection software, and Checkbox has become a popular choice due to its affordability and wide array of security and permissions options. But we’re also seeing more and more hospitals and doctor’s offices using online and mobile surveys to measure and act on patient satisfaction or to gather and update critical patient health information. Given the propensity for human error when using paper forms, we certainly hope this trend towards online data collection in the medical community continues!
  • Academic Testing & Evaluations: More and more school districts, colleges, and universities are seeing the light when it comes to using campus or district-wide survey or data collection software for exams, student, professor, and school evaluations. Using survey software like Checkbox that has built-in user group functionality and extensive permissions settings means that professors and administrators can easily share and compile data and results from students or staff, allowing them to view respondent testing or evaluation scores over time and all in one place.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to uses of online survey and data collection software. If you or your organization has a great story to tell about how you use online surveys, we’d love to hear from you and possibly feature you in one of our blogs!

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