Have you ever received a telemarketing call at work where the caller is looking for a “decision maker”? Every company has one, no matter the size. If that person is you, great! If that person’s not you, better! The fact is, it’s getting harder and harder to make business decisions nowadays with the ever-increasing technology choices available to us. This is a blessing and a curse for the decision makers out there. On one hand, it’s nice to have niche tools available, but you have to do your research. A good decision maker must consider the needs and interests of his company and not just latch onto whatever technology is causing the most buzz in the blogosphere. On the other hand, there’s something to be said for simplicity. Twenty-five years ago our options for technology were basically do it by hand or buy a computer…

At Checkbox we try to offer customers the best of both worlds. We believe it’s always better to have options but you shouldn’t have to dig for them. When it comes to choosing between cloud computing and a dedicated server, for example, you can leave your shovels at home, because we offer both! No two Checkbox users’ needs are the same; therefore it only makes sense for us to offer both online and server-based versions of our Checkbox Survey Software. We even have customers who use them simultaneously in different departments!

One question the Checkbox team hears frequently is “which is better, the online version or the server version?” What they SHOULD be asking is “which option makes more sense for my business…?” Software shouldn’t come in one-size-fits-all. We’ve found that many clients handling sensitive information prefer to host the Checkbox Server version of Checkbox Survey Software on their own private server for maximum control. These companies tend to be larger and likely have development and IT departments that have already invested time and money into configuring their servers. We offer the installed version of Checkbox in two packages, depending on your user and budget requirements: Checkbox Survey Server and Checkbox Survey Enterprise.

Conversely, Checkbox Online is hosted in “the cloud.” This means that we host your Checkbox installation and database in a secure, third-party global data center. As with Checkbox Server, you can access your surveys and data from any standard web browser. You can also send as many or as few surveys as you want without worry due to the auto-scaling nature of our cloud hosting service. Checkbox Online not only saves you costly and time consuming IT installation, hardware, and maintenance, but also the trouble of installing your own product upgrades and updates and maintaining your own database backups. This option is available in three varieties, including Basic, Professional, and Unlimited.

Further reducing the decision maker’s stress levels (just call us Spa de Checkbox), Checkbox not only presents flexible licensing options to meet your company’s specifications, but offers the ability to migrate your account between versions as your needs evolve!

Both Checkbox Online and Checkbox Server are 100% web-based and offer the same major features. All you need to decide on is where you want your information stored. If you’re still unsure of which version might be right for you, contact a Checkbox representative at 1-866-430-8274 or check out our version comparison for details.