November 29, 2011|Checkbox Blog, Checkbox Tips & How-To's, News, Survey Structure & Design|

Save space and minimize scrolling on contact or registration forms by positioning open response text fields on the same line as question, or label, text.

You can accomplish this in Checkbox Survey 5 by changing the Label Position. The Label Position is the location of the question text, or label, in relation to the answer text field. To change the Label Position on an Open-Ended Single-Line Text Item, follow the steps below:


Step 1: Create an Open-Ended Single-Line Text Item

Open-Ended Single-Line Text Items work well for this tip because all text sits on a single line. The answer field will always align with the first line of question text.


Step 2: Enter Question Text – “First Name”

TIP: instert two or three spaces after the question text/label. This will create padding between the question text and the answer field once the Label Position is changed

Save your question text and preview the survey item. As you can see, the answer field sits below the question text/label


Step 3: Under the Appearance tab, set the Label Position to ‘Left’

By default, Label Position is set to "Top." Use the drop down menu to select "Left', "Right", or "Bottom"


Step 4: Save and Preview

As you can see, the text field is now on the same line as the question text/label