Not all respondents complete surveys and forms at their desks. Many of them are on the move, which is why we’ve made it possible to take surveys on mobile devices and tablets. Technically, any Checkbox survey can be taken on a mobile device, but the availability of mobile style templates, a mobile browser detector, and the best practice guidelines below will allow you to create surveys and forms that are truly optimized for smartphones and tablets.

Mobile devices and tablets generally have a smaller viewing area than standard computer monitors, therefore it is important to keep the following mobile-friendly guidelines in mind when creating surveys and survey style templates in Checkbox. The following tips will help you simplify survey taking for respondents and ensure that the feedback and data you collect is accurate:

  • Limit the use of optional features that require excess memory, such as:
    • Progress Bars
    • Large headers and footers
    • Background images
  • Reduce the amount of scrolling required by mobile respondents by:
    • Limiting the number of survey items per page to one or two
    • Shortening questions and messages
    • Leave out unnecessary style elements, such as horizontal lines and survey headers
  • Increase the font size of survey text so that mobile viewers won’t need to zoom in.
  • For multiple choice questions, such as Radio Button and Checkbox items, set the answer choice layout to vertical, instead of horizontal.
  • Avoid large Matrix Items, which can take up a lot of horizontal space.
  • Limit the use of video and graphics as screen resolution varies among mobile devices.
  • On Open Ended Multi-Line Text Items, set the text field width to 60 columns or less.
  • On survey items that allow you to adjust the item width, such as Slider and Rating Scale Items, set the total pixel width to 600 pixels or less.

Supported Devices:


  • ipad
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab (gt-p1000; sgh-t849; shw-m180s;
  • Tablet PC (1.7; 2.0)
  • Blackberry Playbook
  • Any device with Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
  • More coming soon!

Smart Phones:

  • iphone
  • Android