Last week we had a website visitor ask about this capability via live chat. The question was whether or not you can add a “skip to end” button to surveys that allows respondents to jump to the end of a survey without completing the remaining pages.

We loved this question, because the solution is a great example of how standard Checkbox items and logic can be used in unconventional ways to solve a problem. The answer to our live chatter’s question is YES, using a single checkbox and a simple Branching rule! Here’s how:

Step 1:

Create a Checkbox Item

The Checkbox item is preferable here because the answer can be deselected if a respondent changes his/her mind.

Instead of adding question text, move to the Choices tab and enter your question text as one of your answer Choices. After entering text, click the “+” icon to add the answer choice. Not entering question text is pretty unconventional but works well here for simplifying the item into a single line.

Under the Behavior tab, be sure to leave Min/Max fields empty. You do not want to require respondents to check the box.

Because there is no question text, you may want to enter an item description in the Alias field. Without an alias, this item will appear without a label on reports and exports. If you do add an alias, be sure to “enable aliases” when generating reports/exports.

Finally, save your item.

Step 2: Create a Branching Rule

Branching allows you to skip respondents to later pages in your survey when certain conditions are met. In this example, we want to skip the respondent to the end of the survey. We call this page the Completion Events pages, which appears after a respondent has submitted his/her response.

Select the Branching option under the page bar (the same page you added the Checkbox item to). Once selected, a branching rule editor will expand on the right. Choose “Completion” from the Go To Page drop-down list. This will direct respondents to the Completion Events page.

Next, select the New Condition button and create your branching rule:

Source Type = Question
Source = “Skip to End” (Note that the alias text appears as the item label in the Source drop-down)
Comparison = Was Answered

Select Add to add your rule, and Save to save it.

Step 3: Test Branching Logic

Test your survey. Make sure you are branched to the Completion Events page after checking the “Skip” option and clicking “Next.”

Note: Branching rules are triggered when the forward page navigation button is pressed by a respondent. This means that once “Next” is selected, Checkbox will scan the page to see if any Branching rules were met. If they are, the branch is triggered.

When combined, Checkbox’s powerful logic and survey items offer a unique flexibility, allowing you to think outside the box and achieve higher levels of customization. If you have a question or customization problem you need solved, live chat or call our sales team today at 866-430-8274 (Int’l 1-617-715-9605).