May 8, 2012|Checkbox Blog, News, Survey Structure & Design|

Checkbox Survey isn’t just for building surveys. It’s a great form-builder too! If you are a business in a position to hire, posting a customized job application form on your website can help you quickly and easily qualify potential employees. Building custom one-page or multi-page forms allows you to tailor applications to your company’s specific needs, ensuring that you are capturing the exact information required to make informed employment decisions.

When you create a application form with Checkbox you can:

  1. Ask applicants to upload resumes and provide formatted text responses.
  2. Tailor applications based on position type, branch location, and more!
  3. Ask conditional qualifying questions and skip unqualified applicants to the end of the form.
  4. Send automated confirmation emails to applicants as soon as they complete their application.
  5. Set up email triggers to send completed responses to HR for immediate review of new applicants.
  6. Create mobile styles to allow potential employees to submit applications from smartphones and tablets!

Click here for a job application form example >>

application form

Click image to see live form

You can use this exact application form in your own paid or trial account by downloading this survey XML and importing it into your survey manager