July 30, 2012|Checkbox Blog, Checkbox News, News|

It’s been about two months since our June Share a Survey winner, The Guidance Center, started using Checkbox Survey. The community-focused nonprofit organization indicated on their initial Share a Survey entry form that they are in the process of enhancing their online presence and that “Checkbox Survey will be used to get feedback on the changes that have been implemented.”

After giving The Guidance Center time to get up and running on the online survey tool, we reached out with a short survey to find out how they have been implementing Checkbox and if the application is meeting their data collection needs so far. Here’s what they had to say:

Checkbox Survey (CS): On average, how often do you use Checkbox?
The Guidance Center (GC): Once a week

CS: For what purpose(s) do you use Checkbox Survey?
GC: Employee Feedback; Service Feedback; Online Voting and Polling

CS: Overall, how satisfied are you with Checkbox Survey on a scale of 1-5, where 1=very dissatisfied and 5=very satisfied?
GC: 5

CS: What Checkbox feature(s) have you found most useful and why?
GC: Report generating, and the flexibility to generate different types of output for results. Reading the survey results is made so much easier by the report wizard, and that’s the most important thing when sending out a survey is being able to readily, easily and accurately interpret the results!

CS: Please describe any surveys you have created so far and their purpose(s):
GC: We created one survey requesting feedback on a new format for a newsletter. We had rolled this format out somewhat recently and had heard mixed reviews from a very small number of people about what they thought. It was good to get a much larger response so as to have more accurate feedback.

CS: If you have completed any survey campaigns, how have you used the response data collected to improve your organization and/or community?
GC: This survey gave us definitive results so we knew what changes to implement, what to keep the same, and how to improve future issues. A good jump start for us as we conduct more surveys.

CS: Please provide any other comments regarding your experience with Checkbox Survey so far:
GC: Love it. Wish we could come up with way more surveys way faster so as to get much more use out of our year’s worth of surveys!!

Thanks for the positive feedback guys! It sounds like you are well on your way to achieving your goals.

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