This week we held our first-ever online Mobile Styles training, which covered the benefits and best practices of creating mobile-ready styles for surveys. In this training we shared a number of tricks for optimizing surveys for tablets and smartphones. Our trainee especially liked our tip for conditionally excluding the progress bar on a survey based on a respondent’s device/browser type.

For example, let’s say you want a survey’s progress bar to display for respondents using desktop computers but not for respondents using mobile devices (for the purpose of saving screen space). Because the progress bar is enabled in the Survey Dashboard, not the Style Manager, it will always display for that survey if enabled. Or will it? The solution is to leave the progress bar enabled and simply hide it within your mobile style configuration.

Here’s how:

1. Select your style from the Style Manager. If you are creating a new style, select New Survey Style from the top of the Survey Manager.

Select Style

2. Once in the Style Editor expand the Progress Bar and Buttons menu.

Select “Progress Bar and Buttons”

3. Set “Height,” “Width,” and “Progress Bar Border” to 0px. You should see the progress bar disappear from the preview window on the right. Save your style and return to the Survey Manager.

Set all dimensions to 0px

4. In the Survey Dashboard under the Appearance tab, apply your PC and mobile styles to your survey and enable the progress bar.

Progress bar is enabled at the survey level, not in the device style.

That’s it! Be sure to test your survey on both PC and mobile devices to make sure your progress bar is displaying/not displaying correctly. For more mobile survey creation tips check out our Mobile Survey Best Practices Guide >>

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If you are interested in a Mobile Styles training please contact our sales team at or 1-866-978-2855|+1-617-715-9777.