Our support team recently received a training question about how to build a custom report from scratch, as opposed to generating one automatically using the Report Wizard. If any of our other Checkbox users are curious about custom reports, use the simple steps below to get started. And remember, Checkbox offers unlimited reports per survey. Build as many custom reports as you feel you need to make sure you are getting the most out of your response data.

1. Select the survey you wish to generate a report for and move to the Reports tab on your survey dashboard.

2. Click the “Create New” button.

3. A window will appear. Under Report Type, select “Create a custom report.” If you select “Report Wizard,” Checkbox will automatically generate a report item for every reportable item in your survey. The “Custom” option will allow you to manually add report items to a blank report, much like adding items to a new survey. Select Next to skip to the final step in the wizard.

4. If you run your report now it will be blank. To begin customizing your report, select “Edit Report.”

5. Select “Add Item” to add the first item to your blank report.

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