Matrix Items can be great form-building tools, especially when utilizing the “Header” row option to create form categories. For example, in the medical form below we used row headers to separate patient information, physician information, and current medications. The headers break up the space, making it easier for respondents to complete the form.

To add row headers, follow the steps below:

1. Add a Matrix Item to your survey.

2. After adding question/description text, move to the Rows tab of the Matrix Item Editor. Select “Header” from the row drop-down to add your first header label.

3. After entering the header text, click the “+” icon or select the “enter”/”return” key to add the row. A second row should automatically appear below the first.

4. Select “Normal” from the drop-down on row 2 and enter your question text. This will be the first question under your header category.

5. Continue adding normal rows and header rows until your form is complete.

6. Move to the Columns tab and select the “Add Column” button. NOTE: you do not need to save your changes until you are finished making changes within the item editor. However, be sure to save your changes before navigating away from the item editor or your changes will be lost.

7. Select a column type. In this example we selected the Open-Ended Single-Line Text Item, because our questions require an open response format.

8. After configuring your column, select “Save” to return to the Matrix Item Editor.

9. Select “Save” at the bottom of the item editor to save your Matrix.

10. To help your headers stand out, you can configure Matrix row fonts and styles within the Styles Manager.

11. After making your style changes, apply that style to your survey by going to your survey dashboard >> Settings >> Appearance.

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