December 7, 2012|Checkbox Blog, Email & Social Survey Distribution, News|

We recently retweeted an article by Alistair Rennie on the many benefits of using social media to build a Social Business. In the article, Rennie explains that engaging with clients though social media is “an opportunity to redefine the client service experience, be proactive in delivering customer care and differentiate in new ways.”

Rennie’s data shows that 66% of companies currently use social business practices and in two short years that number is expected to grow to 84%. This means that if your organization isn’t already utilizing social media to enhance employee insight and improve customer service, it will be very soon.

Checkbox Survey is already on board with Social Business! Our new social media sharing functionality allows users to target and interact with customers through Facebook and Twitter. Post feedback questionnaires, entry forms, product polls, and market research surveys to your organization’s major social networks without ever leaving Checkbox! Sharing surveys has never been easier.

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