Checkbox Survey offers a number of ways to share surveys, the most powerful of which is our Email Invitation feature. Checkbox Email Invitations allow you to customize and personalize email messages to potential survey respondents, greatly increasing your survey’s response rate. The Email Invitation Manager has a number of time-saving features, such as email scheduling, recipient status details, email reminders, and the ability to add to existing recipient lists, designed to optimize responses and make your life easier.

To help you navigate the many features of the Email Invitation Manager, we’ve created these three invitation-specific user guides for you to reference as you launch your Checkbox surveys:

Checkbox 6 Email Invitation Guide: This guide demonstrates how to share a survey using Checkbox’s Email Invitation Wizard.
Email Invitation Guide

How to Add Recipients to an Existing Invitation: This guide walks you through the process of adding new recipients to an existing invitation.
How to Add Recipients

How to Schedule an Invitation Reminder: This guide walks you through the process of scheduling a Checkbox Email Invitation Reminder.
How to send a reminder

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