As summer approaches, the pressure is on for recent graduates to enter the world of the working. Not only are they scrambling to compete with peers, in today’s climate they are also going head-to-head with a more experienced workforce climbing out of recent unemployment status.

Hiring businesses and organizations are faced with their own challenges. While sorting through applications employers must find a balance between desired experience and realistic compensation, and with the volume of people seeking employment, this can be a daunting task. Especially if you are already understaffed. The solution? A semi-automated screening process in the form of an online application form! Using a professional online survey tool like Checkbox, employers can build qualifying forms to effectively filter applicant pools and streamline the hiring process.

Here are eight tips for building online application forms with Checkbox:

1. Checkbox offers conditional logic, which allows you to tailor forms to applicants based on their answers. For example, let’s say you ask the following question: “Do you have experience working in customer service?” If the answer is “Yes” you can use conditional logic to ask a follow-up question, such as “Please describe your previous experience working in customer service”. If the answer is “No” you can instead show the applicant a message stating that previous experience in customer service is required for the position. Conditional logic streamlines the application process for applicants and makes it easier for HR to review submitted applications.

Condition source question

Conditional follow-up question

2. Branching is a Checkbox feature that lets you create table of contents style surveys and forms. For example, let’s say you have several positions available and each position has a different set of questions. You can list all of the positions on page 1 and then create a branching rule for each option that skips applicants to the correct section based on their selection.

Select desired position on pg.1

Skip to selected section in application

3. Utilizing Checkbox’s scoring functionality allows you to associate a numeric point value with each multiple-choice answer in your application form. For example, if the available position is in management, you may ask the question “For how long have you worked in a management role?” with the possible choices:

a) I have never had a management role
b) 0-3 years
c) 3-5 years
d) over 5 years

When scoring is enabled, you can assign points to each possible answer option. In this example, “over 5 years” will have the highest possible point value, and “I have never had a management role” will have the lowest possible point value.

Apply point values in the Item Editor

Use an applicant’s total score to determine whether or not to move forward with the application process. You can even display a scoring message to applicants tailored to their total score.

Display a scoring message based on a respondent’s total score

4. Collect as much contact information from applicants as you want using custom open response items. You can even ask Checkbox to validate answer formats, such as email addresses, phone numbers, and dates!

Email validation

Date validation

5. Include one or more file upload items to allow respondents to attach a resume, cover letter, or portfolio.

File Upload item

6. Set up email alerts and email responses for real-time application submission updates. At a glance, HR can see an applicant’s entire response summary without ever having to enter their Checkbox account.

Email Response item

7. Do you have a global company with available positions in multiple countries? No problem. Checkbox’s multilingual capabilities allow you to offer the application in any language of your choosing.

Add languages

Applicants can select their preferred language before entering the applicaiton, or you can enablbe browser language detection, which tells Checkbox to automatically choose a language based on the respondent’s browser.

Respondents can choose their preferred language

8. Checkbox Survey offers a number of survey sharing options, including email invitations, Twitter, Facebook, or by simply copying and pasting your application URL anywhere on the Web. Another option is to embed the application form directly into a Web page using a provided embed code, making it fast and easy for potential applicants to submit forms and get hired.

Embed applications directly into Web pages

Get started on your application form today! Click here to sign up for a free Checkbox trial account.