September 18, 2013|Checkbox Blog, News, Survey Trends & Best Practices|

Understanding current and potential students is important for any academic institution who wants to remain competitive. Creating online academic surveys is a simple and cost-efficient way to access the wants and needs of your students. Online surveys for universities can be used to:

Assess Program Needs & Perform Cost-Benefit Analyses

Surveying current and future students is an easy way to determine if a potential program or course is going to be a success or a bust before spending a lot of resources on it. For instance, does a Masters program in Microbiology garner enough interest to justify the cost of adding the program, or would money be better spent expanding another program? Is there more of an interest in online classes or typical on-campus courses? Surveys can also help administrators determine when students plan to enter specific programs, allowing them better plan for staffing.

Evaluate Current Classes, Programs & Staff

Anonymous online surveys allow students to evaluate their courses and professors completely openly and honestly, giving administrators an accurate view of the best and worse programs and teachers. In addition to helping improve these areas, this data is also helpful for staffing and salary negotiation purposes.

Identify Areas of Improvement

Students and alumni are a valuable source of information about what a school is doing best and what areas need improvement. Simple evaluations of everything from campus food to student clubs to the state of dormitory restrooms can improve campus life and allow schools to better serve their students.

There are countless other ways that online surveys can benefit colleges, universities and school districts. Checkbox Survey offers academic discounts of 10% to 30%, so schools can start surveying for less. Contact us to set-up a free trial today.