According to The International Telecommunication Union, 96% of the world’s population uses a mobile device. Ninety-six percent! With numbers like that, it’s not surprising that mobile surveys are quickly becoming the preferred method to gain real-time consumer insight into how your business is running.

The ability to collect feedback from customers anytime, anywhere, is one of the many perks of running a business in today’s tech-centric climate. Every rose has its thorn, however. The closer technology allows us to get to our customers, the easier it is for them to ignore us. In other words, just because those customers have the ability to take your survey on the go, doesn’t mean they will. Time is precious to that 96% and your average mobile user expects ease of use and instant gratification.

That might pose some challenges when putting together a mobile survey. Fortunately, here at Checkbox, it’s easy to optimize surveys for smartphones and tablets. The best place to start is at the source – with questions! Choosing the right question format is one of the easiest ways to boost a survey’s mobile performance. In the world of mobile, the goal is to obtain as much information as you can without monopolizing a user’s time. Below are a few formatting tips to help you do just that:

The Advantage of Multiple Choice Questions

Because it takes time for mobile users to key in answers for open response questions, it’s almost always better to stick with multiple choice. Checkbox gives you plenty of variations to choose from, including radio button, checkbox, dropdown, rank order, slider, and more. Your survey-takers will appreciate you giving them a chance to provide answers in seconds rather than minutes.

Which Multiple Choice Questions are  Mobile-Friendly?

The simplest and most popular multiple choice question types for both standard and mobile surveys are radio button and checkbox. These are one-click questions, unlike the slider or rank order items, which require respondents to click and drag. Remember, when dealing with mobile, the fewer steps the better. That said, if your mobile survey is nice and short (one page) the click and drag options are fine. Another benefit to radio button and checkbox question items is that they can be customized to display answer options vertically or horizontally.

The rating scale item is also a good one-click solution, especially if you are trying to get a better sense of elaboration. Just remember to keep the scale short (under ten). Smartphones have limited screen space.

Although the dropdown menu question type is a two-click format, it is useful in that it has the ability to hide a long list of answer options.

Should You Stick with the Same Format?

Try to keep the question format consistent throughout most of the survey. You don’t want mobile users to have to think about answering each question in a different way. This just adds unnecessary time and stress. While that might require you to tweak your questions, the simpler and more uniform you can make the survey, the more apt a respondent will be to cooperate. If you do have to use multiple question types, try to group similar formats together.

Your real challenge in keeping things simple is in the questions themselves. How can you find detailed answers to things you need to know without being too complicated?

Ways to Handle Complex Questions

Whenever possible, complex questions should be broken down into shorter questions. The shorter questions will each have a set of simple answer choices. If that isn’t possible, then your complex question should probably be thrown out for the mobile crowd. The process of breaking a question down into parts makes more sense when you’re tapping into the mind of someone who’s on the go.

You may even have to send different surveys at different times of day in order to obtain all of the data you want. For example, more complex surveys should be sent when you expect respondents to be in front of a computer. Luckily, Checkbox allows you to schedule surveys to the minute so that your customers receive them when you want them to.

Contact us to learn more about Checkbox online surveys and what they can offer. With comprehensive features that go well beyond question and answer formats, you can create surveys your loyal customers will enjoy using.