January 15, 2014|Checkbox Blog, Mobile Surveys, News, Survey Trends & Best Practices|

Surveys and forms are increasingly being completed on mobile devices, which is why it’s important to choose a survey provider who can meet your mobile survey needs.

Technically, any Checkbox survey can be taken on a mobile device, but the availability of built-in mobile themes and the use of jQuery Mobile technology to detect and auto-scale surveys for mobile devices and browsers will allow you to create surveys and forms that are truly optimized for phones and tablets.

Checkbox Mobile Online Surveys

Mobile devices generally have a smaller viewing area than standard computer/laptop monitors, so it is important to keep the following mobile-friendly guidelines in mind when creating surveys geared towards mobile users. These tips will help you simplify survey taking for respondents and ensure that the feedback and data you collect is accurate.

  • Use engaging language in your email invitation to convince your users to open and take your survey. Mobile users are often even more pressed for time and have shorter attention spans than desktop users, so make sure your email subject and call to action get their attention.
  • Limit the use of optional features that require excess memory, such as:
    • Progress Bars
    • Large headers and footers
    • Background images
  • Reduce the amount of scrolling required by mobile respondents by:
    • Limiting the number of survey items per page to one or two
    • Shortening questions and messages
    • Leaving out unnecessary style elements such as headers and footers
  • Make your surveys easy to read by choosing more basic fonts and colors and make sure you have an adequate amount of white space between questions.
  • Use dropdowns for multiple-choice questions with many options, in order to save vertical space.
  • Avoid Matrix Items, which can take up a lot of horizontal space and are difficult to view/respond to on a mobile device.
  • Limit the use of video and large images as they eat up data plans.
  • Test, test, test! Send your survey out to friends or colleagues with different mobile devices or take advantage of the many online mobile device simulators to make sure that your survey looks great and performs as expected on a variety of devices.