Your desire for feedback isn’t the only reason to invest in surveys. Survey data, it turns out, can be the kindling you need to fire up your content creation. There’s a lot of hidden value in your surveys that you can use to create content that engages people with your brand. The following are five ways to turn raw survey data into content gold.

1. Make it trendy

Use survey data as an opportunity to create a white paper that helps establish your brand as an on-trend thought leader. Surveys can reveal important insights into product adoption and use. An online printing company, for instance, that discovers their customers are bootstrapped could write a white paper on the trend of using cloud-based technologies to control printing costs.

2. Make it visual

Turn your survey data into a sharable infographic to use as a lead generator in an email campaign or on your website. Your survey data can tell you a lot what your customers think about your brand – and your competitors. Use that data to create an in-demand infographic that differentiates your brand in a colorful, positive light.

3. Make it newsworthy

Take highlights of your survey and use them in a press release for consumption by trade media and bloggers. Research surveys can reveal newsworthy facts about your marketplace. Media mentions are a great way to establish your company as a market leader, especially when it’s tied to a product announcement, upgrade or new service offering.

4. Make it move

Bring your survey data to life by turning it into an animated video that tells a visual story about the way your product solves problems. Survey data can tell you a lot about your customers’ challenges. Animated videos are a great way to simplify complex messaging and ideal for demonstrating how your product or service can be used for competitive advantage.

5. Make it click

Turn your survey data into a blog post that you can share on social media to drive clicks and traffic to your website. Your survey data can tell you a lot about how, when and why customers buy. Use that insight to create topical, relevant blog posts that get them thinking about your brand. There’s more ROI than you can imagine from surveying your customers for market insight and more. Get started with our FREE Trial that lets you easily create and share online surveys.