People like to share their opinions. You only have to look at the digital opinion sharing driving Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook to see proof of this. No matter what the subject, people are perfectly happy to “like,” “share” and “pin” their favorites in a very public way.

For a marketer, perhaps there’s no better digital sharing tool than online survey software. By embedding online surveys into your website or blog, you can drive a deeper level of engagement with visitors and customers – and collect much-needed intelligence about their preferences.

Sure, there are some pop-up widgets that you can embed into your website to poll visitors. But those solutions can be intrusive and in the worst cases can be misinterpreted by visitors as spam – doing more harm than good to your marketing efforts.

Embedding online surveys into your website or blog with online survey software provides you with a professional, trusted and branded online survey experience that visitors are more likely to participate in.

Here are some suggestions for embedding surveys into your website or blog:

Engage. A ratings survey that measures how your visitors feel about a topic, product or situation gets them to interact with your brand and gives you a better pulse on their preferences. Use a scale of 1 to 5 to keep things simple for your visitors, and to give you a clearer reading on the topic at hand.

Connect. A feedback survey that uses open-ended questions opens the door to visitor and customer conversations that can tell you how people perceive your brand in the marketplace. Giving your visitors a voice in what you do builds trust and loyalty.

Capture. A multiple-choice survey is a great way to see inside the minds of your visitors and customers to better understand what they like (or don’t like). Post a different question every day to pique visitor interest and encourage repeat visits. Be sure to include a confidentiality clause so visitors know their privacy will be protected.

Need ideas for using embedded surveys on your site? Try these:

On your home page: Tap into the power of trends by asking an intriguing question about a current event or new-to-market trend, but stay away from controversial topics that could get your brand into hot water.

On a product page: Find out what’s hot and what’s not by posting a multiple-choice survey on a product page that lets your visitors and customers tell you how they feel about your products and services.

On your thank-you page: Keep customers engaged to the end of the purchase process by posting a feedback survey on your thank-you page to get real-time feedback on their purchase journey.

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