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On-Premises Survey Software

Introducing the Checkbox Developer Center

Checkbox creates the most flexible on-premises survey software available today. Thousands of customers have customized Checkbox to fit their survey needs. We’re proud of our software’s core flexibility.

If you’re looking to customize your survey implementation, check out the new Checkbox Developer Center. It’s been designed specifically to help tech-savvy customers customize our software

Online vs. On-Premises Survey Software

Survey software can pack a powerful punch when it comes to helping you understand customer preferences and new-to-market trends. Thankfully, advances in market-ready survey software make it easy and affordable for any size company to reap the benefits of customized and robust survey tools for business advantage.

There are many different survey software options to choose from, including on-premises

June 24, 2015|News, On-Premises Survey Software|

Integrating Survey Software: The Buy or Build Question

If you think the only way to develop robust survey software is to build it from scratch, you may want to think again. Because as it turns out, there are many powerful development tools you can use to transform off-the-shelf software into a customized survey solution for your business.

Developing a feature-rich online survey tool is an expensive and time-intensive undertaking. With the right developer tools, however, you can benefit from someone else’s development work – fo

June 5, 2015|News, On-Premises Survey Software|

When it comes to survey software, should you keep it close to home or send it to the cloud?

Have you ever received a telemarketing call at work where the caller is looking for a “decision maker”? Every company has one, no matter the size. If that person is you, great! If that person’s not you, better! The fact is, it’s getting harder and harder to make business decisions nowadays with the ever-increasing technology choices available to us. This is a blessing and a curse for the decision makers out there. On one hand, it’s nice to have niche tools available, but you hav