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Survey Data, Reporting & Analysis

Using Reports to Get the Most from Your Survey Data

Getting the most value out of your survey results means being able to report intelligently on the responses you have collected. Yet reporting on survey data in a meaningful way across business units and with stakeholders internally and externally

Sensitive Survey Data? Protect What You Share.

There’s a lot of business intelligence to be gathered through survey data. In fact, surveying your internal and external customers is a smart way to keep your business growing in a profitable and productive direction. Yet not all survey software g

Privacy Concerns? Keep Your Online Survey Data Secure

Online surveys can be a fast, easy way to collect much-needed intelligence from your customers and prospects. For most companies, it’s a simple solution: create an online survey and distribute it to a target group. That is, unless yours is a financia

Turn Survey Data into Content Gold

Your desire for feedback isn’t the only reason to invest in surveys. Survey data, it turns out, can be the kindling you need to fire up your content creation. There’s a lot of hidden value in your surveys that you can use to create content that en

Tips to Avoid Response Bias

Response bias occurs when a respondent answers a question in a way they think you want them to. It can also be caused by question or response wording, layout or order. While there is no way to completely eliminate response bias, the survey creation t

How to Create a Multi-Source Report Item

Checkbox's new and improved reporting module makes it easier than ever to view and analyze response data. You can even use multi-source report items to compare multiple questions side-by-side! For example, we had a survey comparing Twitter post frequ

Checkbox Tip #24: Use Matrix Headers to Create Categories

Matrix Items can be great form-building tools, especially when utilizing the "Header" row option to create form categories. For example, in the medical form below we used row headers to separate patient information, physician information, and current

How to Create a Blank/Custom Report

Our support team recently received a training question about how to build a custom report from scratch, as opposed to generating one automatically using the Report Wizard. If any of our other Checkbox users are curious about custom reports, use the s

Increase survey security with CAPTCHA

Our assumption is that you create surveys to collect information from humans, not computers. This is why Checkbox created the CAPTCHA item type. CAPTCHA, which stands for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart,”

Analyzing Customer Feedback

Why do we send out surveys? Whether you represent an online retailer or a university, a one-man-band or a global corporation, we all send out surveys for the same reason:  to get feedback, answers and above all INFORMATION. After asking the right que

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