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Guide to Editing Live Surveys

The following guide is also located in our Documentation section, but we’ve had a few questions come up lately about editing live surveys, so we figured it was time to post a refresher. If you are thinking about making edits to your survey while c

January 13, 2015|Checkbox Tips & How-To's, News, Survey Questions|

12 Tips on Conducting Your First Online Survey

Creating your first survey is a daunting task.  Not only do you strive to collect the necessary data and information, but you are also trying to keep your respondents engaged in a survey that may take some time to complete.  Checkbox has put together

How to Ask the Right Questions on Your Online Surveys

Understanding your customers and how they process information is important to consider when building survey questions. It's not enough to just ask the questions (of course, that's a great start!). How you frame and format questions can affect the

Question Format Tips for Mobile Surveys

According to The International Telecommunication Union, 96% of the world's population uses a mobile device. Ninety-six percent! With numbers like that, it's not surprising that mobile surveys are quickly becoming the preferred method to gain real-

8 Tips for Building Online Application Forms

As summer approaches, the pressure is on for recent graduates to enter the world of the working. Not only are they scrambling to compete with peers, in today's climate they are also going head-to-head with a more experienced workforce climbing out of

Creating Effective Course Evaluation Forms

As we approach mid-November, while many of us are making preparations for the holiday season, students and teachers are gearing up for mid-terms and finals. If you are an academic institution or faculty member getting ready to wrap up the semester, d

Checkbox Tip #24: Use Matrix Headers to Create Categories

Matrix Items can be great form-building tools, especially when utilizing the "Header" row option to create form categories. For example, in the medical form below we used row headers to separate patient information, physician information, and current

The Most Important Survey Question You’ll Ever Ask

Even though I’m in the survey business, I don’t generally participate in phone surveys because, quite frankly, they usually take too long and often interrupt my family’s dinner hour. Last night, though, I received a call from a nationally recognized

Checkbox Tip: Reporting ‘Other’ Responses

It is very important that after you have collected survey responses that you are able to view and analyze the data to then take action on the results. Checkbox's reporting functionality allows you to easily generate and customize summary reports so y