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8 Tips for Maximizing Survey Response Rates

You’ve designed your survey and you’re ready to share it with your respondents. But how do you break through today’s information overload and convert those potential respondents into completed responses? This best practice guide offers several tips o

September 21, 2020|Checkbox Blog, Checkbox News, Checkbox Tips & How-To's|

Using Reports to Get the Most from Your Survey Data

Getting the most value out of your survey results means being able to report intelligently on the responses you have collected. Yet reporting on survey data in a meaningful way across business units and with stakeholders internally and externally

Using Type, Color and Design for Better Survey Results

Who says online surveys have to be blasé and bland? With the right online survey software tools, you can customize every square inch of your survey to keep respondents engaged to the very last check box. Design elements can make your surveys attra

Guide to Editing Live Surveys

The following guide is also located in our Documentation section, but we’ve had a few questions come up lately about editing live surveys, so we figured it was time to post a refresher. If you are thinking about making edits to your survey while c

January 13, 2015|Checkbox Tips & How-To's, News, Survey Questions|

Boost Audience IQ with Embedded Surveys

People like to share their opinions. You only have to look at the digital opinion sharing driving Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook to see proof of this. No matter what the subject, people are perfectly happy to “like,” “share” and “pin” their favorite

How To Avoid Industry-Specific Jargon In Online Surveys

As a manager or department head, you spend your average workday mired in industry-specific language. To the outsider, this terminology may seem confusing, but for you and your coworkers, it's just another means of expression. Unfortunately, this w

Turn Survey Data into Content Gold

Your desire for feedback isn’t the only reason to invest in surveys. Survey data, it turns out, can be the kindling you need to fire up your content creation. There’s a lot of hidden value in your surveys that you can use to create content that en

Tips & Tricks – User Profile Property Updater

Did you know that Checkbox allows you to automatically update users' custom profile properties with survey answers? For instance, you could collect information such as name and email address in your online survey, then automatically send that info

May 6, 2014|Checkbox Blog, Checkbox Tips & How-To's, News|

5 Easy Ways to Set Your Survey Tone for Success

Online surveys can be a powerful tool in measuring feedback about your business or brand, especially when well-crafted survey questions are written to pull participants into the process. Think of your survey as a customer engagement journey, and lead

March 27, 2014|Checkbox Blog, Checkbox Tips & How-To's, News|