checkbox developer tools web services API

Use Checkbox’s developer tools to customize Checkbox beyond what its built-in customization features allow. Our web services make it easy to automate Checkbox processes, or to move actions out of Checkbox and into your own CRM.

For instance, you can use our UserManagement service to create a new survey user every time a new lead visits your website. Then, you can use our InvitationManagement service to send an automatic survey invitation to your new user. Use our ResponseData service to pull his response data back into your CRM.

Checkbox developer tools are included with all on-premises software licenses. They’re part of the professional-plan and team-plan online subscriptions as well.

Web Services Overview

Here are the web services currently available with Checkbox, along with a quick example of what each can be used for.

Web Service What It Does
UserManagement Get, Create, Edit, Manage users and groups
Authentication Authenticate against Checkbox. Useful for creating SSO portals.
InvitationManagement Get, Create, Edit, Manage invitations and reminders.
ResponseData Get survey response data.
SecurityManagement Get, Create, Edit, Manage access control lists (which control who has access to surveys).
StyleManagement Get, Manage survey styles.
SurveyManagement Get, Manage surveys and folders.
StyleEditor/SurveyEditor Get information about surveys and styles.
ReportData Get, Manage Reports

Documentation & Example Code

To help you get started with Checkbox web services, we provide a “Get Started Guide,” a sample code library, and full documentation in our Checkbox Developer Center.

Important Note: Checkbox web services cannot be used to extend the functionality of the Checkbox application. Customizing the application or adding new items/function will require purchase of our SDK or Source Code and additional development work by your organization.