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How to Create a Cross-Tab Report

This documentation is for Legacy Checkbox Version 6. Please visit our Checkbox Version 7 Documentation page for current user guides.

 By comparing two or more survey question responses you can uncover additional information or determine important outliers that would otherwise go undetected in an initial survey report. For example, say we were at a train station and randomly selected 30 passengers to answer the following questions:



We learn from Question #1 that the majority of passengers are 26 and older.



We learn from Question #2 that more respondents own a home than not.




Now, we could just assume that the homeowners in our sample are most likely in the older demographic.

A more accurate way of determining this information is to apply cross tabulation to our question responses. Within Checkbox Survey’s Report Manager you have the ability to add additional report items such as images, messages or summary charts to any survey report. You can also add a Cross Tab item, which is what we have done below:



Using cross tabulation we have extracted hidden information from our report and can now confirm that our assumptions were, in fact, incorrect. The 26-45 crowd (highlighted above) dominates 63.3% of the housing market in our small survey sample. Digging deeper, by comparing these two questions we are not only able to determine what percentage of the “general population” owns a home, but what percent within each age demographic own a home.

To create a cross tab:

  1. Select ‘Add Item’ to your report
  2. Select ‘Cross Tab’ from the list of available options




3. From the ‘Source Items’ options, select which question you would like for the Independent Variable Column (In this example, Do you own a home?) and which question for the Dependent Variable Rows (In this example, What is your age?)




4. Select Save and refresh your report to view the new cross tab item.


April 5, 2021