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How to Use the Report Wizard

This documentation is for Legacy Checkbox Version 6. Please visit our Checkbox Version 7 Documentation page for current user guides.

 You can create summary reports in Checkbox one of three ways – by using the Quick Report feature, by creating a semi-custom report with the Report Wizard, or by creating a fully Custom Report from scratch.

This guide focuses on the Report Wizard feature – a way to generate a report quickly, while still having some customization options.

Create a Blank Report

1. From the survey dashboard or survey editor, click the Analyze -> Reports -> Custom Report.

Create Custom Report

Follow the Report Wizard

1. Name

Give your report a name. This will only be shown to you as the admin.

Under Report Type, choose ‘Report Wizard’.

Choose a Style Template from the drop-down list (optional). Choose if you’d like to display the title of the survey on your report.

Click Next to continue

Report Wizard


2. Item Options

The Report Wizard works by “mapping” certain chart or graph types to the survey question types in Checkbox. In the item options step, you will choose which graph type to apply to each question type.

TIP: You can streamline this process by saving your preferred report settings under System Settings -> Report Settings -> Report Preferences.

In the example below, the results for all Radio Button questions in your survey will be displayed as Pie Charts in your report, the results for all Checkbox questions will be displayed as Column Graphs, and so on.

Select Next to continue. Select Previous to return to the Step 1.


3. Report Options

The next step will give you some additional display options for your report.

TIP: You can streamline this process by saving your preferred report settings under System Settings -> Report Settings -> Report Preferences.

  • Aliases are alternate question and answer texts that are created in survey item editors and can be enabled when generating reports and exports. If you included aliases in your survey, you can enable them in your report by checking the Use Aliases option. Doing so will replace question and answer text with alias (alternate) text in the report.
  • Check the second box to place all report items on the same report page to create a one-page report. If this box is left unchecked, the report pages will mimic those in your survey, e.g. a 3-page survey will generate a 3-page report.
  • Check the third box to display a table with the total response count below each chart.
  • Check the fourth box to display a table summarizing answer distributions below each chart.
  • Set the maximum number of item options (answer choices) allowed in a chart before switching to a summary table display. This feature is useful when displaying results for a question with many answer options.
  • The Response Settings allow you to include or exclude your Test and Incomplete responses in your report.

Click Next to review your report settings. Select Previous to return to Step 2.

NOTE: After a report is created, report pages and item locations can still be changed in the Report Editor.



4. Review & Run

Review your report settings. Click Back to make changes or Finish and then Run to complete and run your report.


Edit Your Report (optional)

1. Once you create and run a report using the Report Wizard, you may decide that it doesn’t look exactly the way you want. Don’t worry, you can still make edits or add additional charts or messages to it once it’s created.

From the survey dashboard or survey editor, click Analyze -> Reports -> Manage Reports to bring up the list of reports for your survey.

Edit Your Quick Report

Find your report in the list and click Edit.

Edit Report

The Report Editor layout is similar to the Survey Editor layout. Pages and items are listed on the left side of the window. Add items and pages using the +Page and +Item buttons.


Add Report Items


4. Items are previewed and edited on the right side of the window using the editor tabs. Most of your display options will be found on the Behavior and Appearance tabs for each chart item.

Survey Report Options


5. Select the Run Report button to open a live report in a new browser tab/window.

Run Report

April 5, 2021