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How to Embed a Survey in your Website

This documentation is for Legacy Checkbox Version 6. Please visit our Checkbox Version 7 Documentation page for current user guides.

 Checkbox Survey provides you with several convenient options for deploying a survey:

  • Send survey link via email invitation
  • Copy and past survey URL
  • Share survey link on Facebook
  • Share survey link on Twitter
  • Embed a live survey into web page

The last option is unique in that it is the only one that does not require potential respondents to click a link in order to take your survey, form or poll. This one extra step could make or break a response, so why not remove the middle man?

The Checkbox survey tool allows you to locate and copy the code required to embed your survey in a website or blog post. Here is how you can do this:


1. From the Survey Editor or Dashboard, select the ‘Share’ drop down menu followed by ‘Link or Embed’


2. The embed section of the pop-up window will contain the code necessary to embed in a website. Copy this code and give it to your website administrator to implement on your web page.



3. If you are embedding the survey into a blog post like the one you are reading right now, simply paste the embed code directly into the code/HTML view. Below are two examples of embedded surveys using Checkbox:

Simple Poll:

Insert following code into HTML view

<iframe width=”800″ height=”600″


Simple Form:

Insert following code into HTML view

<iframe width=”800″ height=”600″


April 5, 2021