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How to Schedule Invitation Reminders

This documentation is for Legacy Checkbox Version 6. Please visit our Checkbox Version 7 Documentation page for current user guides.

 After a Checkbox Email Invitation has been sent/scheduled, you have the ability to schedule one or more reminder invitations with the same embedded survey link and a message of your choosing. For example, you could send an initial Checkbox email invitation today and schedule a reminder invitation for the same time next week to remind anyone who has not taken the survey yet to do so. The reminder will not be sent to recipients who submitted a survey response prior to the scheduled reminder time.

Follow the steps below to schedule a Checkbox email invitation reminder:

1.  Select Survey

Select the survey you wish to send a reminder for from the Survey Manager. Once selected, that survey’s dashboard will appear on the right. At the top of the dashboard menu, open the Share pull-down and select Manage Invitations.

2.  Select Invitation

Select the invitation you wish to send a reminder for. If you have a long list of invitations you can use the Filter drop-down to sort invitations by “All”, “Drafts”, “Scheduled”, and “Sent”.


Once the invitation is selected, a window will appear. You can view the invitation’s current recipient status under Recipients. In the example above, the invitation was sent to three total recipients. One recipient has responded to the survey. Two recipients have not responded to the survey.

NOTE: If a recipient started the survey but did not complete it, they will be labeled as “Not Responded” and will be included on the reminder invitation recipient list (unless they selected the option to opt out of additional emails for this survey on the initial email invitation).


3. Schedule the Reminder

To schedule a reminder invitation, expand the Invitation Actions pull-down and select Send Reminder.


A window will appear. Move through the wizard to configure your reminder email.

On the Message step, you have the ability to modify the email subject and body text. If you’d like to copy the message from the original invitation, click the orange Copy Inv. Text button.

Select Next to continue in the wizard.


On the Review step, confirm your email subject, message, and recipients.


Select Next to schedule your reminder invitation.

On the Schedule step you can choose to:

  • Send the reminder invitation as soon as possible
  • Schedule the invitation for a future date and time
  • Save the invitation as a draft



To schedule an invitation for a specific date and time, user the date-picker by clicking a date box and using the sliders to select a time.


When you are done, select Finish to exit the date-picker.

Once you have selected a date option, click Finish to save your invitation and return to the invitation detail.

4.  Confirm Reminder or Add Additional Reminders

To view your reminder email, expand the Invitation Actions pull-down and select View/Edit Schedule.



In this window, you can view all of the sent and pending instances of this invitation. Under the Type column, you can view whether the instance was a sent invitation or a reminder.

You can also create new reminders by choosing a date/time and clicking Add to Schedule at the bottom of the window.




April 5, 2021