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Release Date: July 29, 2020


  • Restrict installation to the same folder on installation (server version)
  • Implement numbering of template items
  • Move Permissions option under Template Settings
  • Active Directory Contacts Optimization
  • Support searching by email for AD
  • Pull First and Last Name and any other mapped profile properties from AD to populate Profile Properties

Bug Fixes:

  • Min to rank keeps resetting to 1 on Rank Order item
  • Unexpected error on attempt to open a survey URL with a trailing period
  • Amazon SES – choosing SES does not remove the SMTP section of the config file upon installation (server version)
  • Amazon SES – there is no ability to set the SES region (server version)
  • Remove the options to patch or upgrade from the trial download
  • Contact Admin is not able to view contact list with “View All Contacts” permission
  • Several edit dialogs can be opened one over another in case internet connection is poor and edit icon was clicked several times
  • “Cannot read property ‘id’ of null” when a Question type filter was changed to another type or vice versa
  • ‘Operator’ and ‘Value’ do not update when afilter was changed to another ‘Source Type’
  • Matrix rows shown out of order on View Response
  • Survey styles don’t display accurately in Preview
  • Unable to send test invitation to user which is NOT in contact list
March 3, 2022