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Release Date: August 6, 2020


  • Make an easier way to determine chart type when editing
  • Allow passing Domain name for AD Role provider

Bug Fixes:

  • Matrix radio buttons are not aligned with text labels
  • Message should be displayed instead of preloaded data when “Disable user list preloading for Active Directory” is ticked
  • Setting “Display dashboard source” should only apply to an Overview view
  • Auto-login for contact by Save&Exit link is not working in case survey is “Make Responses Anonymous” and “Allow All/Specific Contacts”
  • Contact data can’t be saved because the error about “Please create a new group or select an existing group” is not fired
  • Desktop display for Style preview is tablet-sized
  • An error occurs when a browser’s ‘Back’ button was clicked while passing a survey with disabled “Allow Survey Back Button” setting
  • Loader should be displayed instead of login page
  • Report Viewer+Respondent is redirected to /reports instead of /surveys after logging in to TakeSurvey app
March 3, 2022