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7.11.0 + 7.11.1

Release Date: February 20, 2020


  • Copy Style implemented
  • Add survey styles to PDF export
  • Add RTL formatting when RTL language is detected
  • Enhance filtering of Test Responses
  • Implement opening a copied survey in a new tab
  • Support for AES encrypted license (FIPS compliance)

Bug Fixes:

  • Survey throws errors upon submission if required questions were not checked upon submission (Only happens when Conditional logic is in the survey)
  • Survey freeze after page refresh when after clicking next page when mandatory fields not filled (Only happens when Conditional logic is in the survey)
  • Rating Scale choice is not remembered after ‘Back’ button was clicked
  • Confirmation pop-up should appear when <X> button near the question item was clicked
  • Error “Conversion failed when converting the nvarchar value ‘Checkbox-SystemAdmin’ to data type int” is displayed when the user tries to add AD user.
  • Matrix Other” column name values are not displayed in response
  • Setup application URLs step is missing for Upgrade database procedure
  • Unchecking “Override Role Mapping” setting will withdraw mapped roles as expected – but AD-users will still have accesses like there was not withdrawing
  • Changes in hub.html are needed
  • Image Rank Order came without images after CB6 upgrade – wrong source after upgrade/files without folder
  • Inability to Reset Form with Rating Scale on the page
  • Entering invalid value causes the signature item to have to be re-entered
  • An error is displayed when trying to delete Recipient from <Manage Recipients> tab
  • Matrix Other row text is reset after coming back from another page
  • Conditional logic is not working when language is toggled using “Response Property” -> “Response Language” condition
  • 404 for “assets/font.css” when opening any dialog for input – fetch fonts.css for web directories (Server only)
  • N/A option in Rating Scale corrupts the alignment in Matrix
  • Raw text is displayed in value fields in Conditions
  • Error “Cannot read property ‘name’ of undefined” when printing a survey with Multi-Line items
October 27, 2020