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Release Date: February 27, 2020


  • Support for Web Farms/Load Balancers with Memcached and Redis caching providers
  • Add Copy icon to Report and Dashboard share page

Bug Fixes:

  • ‘Unsubscribe from all surveys’ option is not removing recipients from all future account invitations
  • Unable to switch from n\a to 0 and vice versa on a matrix rating scale
  • Matrix open-ended answers are cleared when using the Back button
  • Error when sending invitations to pending recipients
  • Grammar/text cleanup on min to select message
  • Set report filters to align with local timezone from Settings
  • HTML code showing for question text in some reports when special characters were used
  • Question alignment fixes/cleanup
  • Fixed Style template preview display issues
  • Implement an ability to click Save when a report filter with just a Start/End Date was added
  • Hitting Enter between each option when entering answer options does not move the cursor to the next line in IE
  • Report Viewer is unable to see Matrix Charts on a Dashboard
  • Report Admin is unable to see Matrix Charts in a Dashboard unless he has Take Survey permissions on that survey
  • Inability to add a Message Item to a Dashboard after cancelling Add Chart
  • Redirect items interfere with Preview and Print
  • Remove unused “Social Media Description” from Survey text settings
  • Report Admin is unable to edit a dashboard chart without permission on the source survey
  • Group Name overlapping when adding/editing a Contact
October 27, 2020