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Release Date: March 12, 2020


  • Make survey message items regular weight font by default, per customers’ requests
  • Add a Print button the Response Details item
  • Support for load balancing with Memcached and Redis caching providers
  • Various performance enhancements

Bug Fixes:

  • “Cannot read property ‘response’ of undefined” error is displayed when clicking on Preview with Response Summary item on the page
  • Issues with WCAG compliance – certain elements are not highlighted when selected and cannot be tabbed through in IE
  • Matrix open text column alignment issues
  • Single Line Text items misaligned when question text is set to be on the left
  • Save and Exit resume issues – login screen is sometimes displayed
  •  Images loaded in Question Text are not resized for mobile viewing
  •  JavaScript Items causing errors when used with Language Toggle on multi-language surveys
  • Signature displays outside the survey body on smartphone
  • Allow merge codes to be saved in “Default text” in Single Line item regardless of the “Answer Format”
  • Error 500 when saving a Single-Line which has Autocomplete
  • Deactivated items should not be counted in item enumeration of a survey
  •  Item can be shown/hidden on UI without any notification when the survey is Locked
  • Different preview for Response Details is displayed on admin and take survey sites
October 27, 2020