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Release Date: March 19, 2020


  • Add a Behavior Option to Rank Order for Min and Max to rank

Bug Fixes:

  • Invalid column name ‘N’ error when patching some server accounts
  •  Issue with installation: absence of virtual directory lines in the env.js in app-admin cause installation to fail
  • Non-SysAdmin AD-user cannot see folder/survey/template/take survey etc. on which his AD group has all permissions
  • Typo in installer logging process
  • Report Admin cannot work with filters with any permissions
  •  Inability to create a question live filter for a chart in Default Report
  • Unable to continue survey in case of broken internet connection on the page with page/item conditions
  • Old libraries issue with HiddenItems page instead of ContentPage
  • Issue with creation of quick report for survey without CreatedBy value
  • Searching in the “All Contacts and Groups” list returns ‘IDs’ of groups in the Access List instead of group names
  • Pages/items should not be displayed on Response Summary/Response pages if there were hidden with branching/condition
  • Numeration of the pages is incorrect on Response Summary item
  • Extra page is displayed on Response Summary item
  • User is not able to add AD user to ACL but AD users list is available for him
  • Inability to create a question filter for Default Report
  • Checkbox logo redirects to “Dashboards” for System Admin
October 27, 2020