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Release Date: March 25, 2020


  • Allow Single Sign-on via JWT on Take Survey
  • Error message redesign and change placement
  • Add copy files functionality to the installer
  • Add a Live Filter option at the Quick Report and Dashboard level
  • Add Windows authentication support for SQL Server for the installer

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolve “Expression should be true” errors on some hosted accounts
  • Resolve blank Template infinite loading issues
  • Some charts are not updated on UI after applying filters
  • Live Filtering is available for all Users even “Enable Live Filtering for All Users” checkbox is unticked
  • User is signed out when he applies any live filter
  • Non-image file can be uploaded and saved in the Image Item
  • Hidden Attributes are not hidden on the Registration form
  • Attached image file in the Display Item is absent when we start editing the item
  • “Display survey title” setting is working globally and only for a newly created report
  • Lack of item status on opened Edit dialog
  • Inability to input values via Numpad (WCAG)
  • Setting max to zero on RAnk Order item causes error 500
  • Setting and saving min>max causing error 500 on Rank Order
  • Min/max value can be set > than choice number on Rank Order
  • A doughnut chart with >1 source is causing an error when Edit tab is opened
October 27, 2020