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Release Date: April 8, 2020


  • Create a new drop down question type that can be populated dynamically via an external database
  • Add static filters to the standard Report
  • Add option to search Responses list by response id, username, and email address
  • When editing a Contact, show the Groups a Contact is a member of first
  • Add ability to choose Profile Properties when importing Contacts
  • Allow all customized text fields to accept HTML

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolve Server upgrade errors
  • Resolve errors when deleting Contacts
  • Resolve errors with editing some charts
  • Issue with survey item numbering
  • Group ID shown instead of Group name
  • Survey Style CSS is not applied into PDF
  • An error in the order the pages are listed under Conditions list
  • Slider and Rating Scale+Matrix appearance issues
  • Use system timestamp instead of local for filters preview
  • Sub-domain login link doesn’t work
  • “Contact List Security” button is not displayed for Contact Admin with any ‘Manage’ permission in the ACL
  • Show “Details” tab when first navigating to an invitation
  • Wrong filter results when filtering by date in live filters – local time is counted
  • Set default image max width as 100%
  • Any file format can be uploaded despite the item restrictions
  • Cannot read property ‘file’ of null” error when CLEAR is clicked after a file was uploaded
  • Single-Line item does not apply CSS class
  • Matrix item does not save CSS Class
  • CSS doesn’t work for images
October 27, 2020