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Release Date: April 15, 2020


  • Add new question type – Image Choice Question
  • Create page branching for Hidden Items page
  • Optimize loading of data in “take survey” app
  • Add users’ domain to the upgrade link URL as query string parameter (AD)
  • For logged-in users text will be loaded according to their profile property language
  • Disable the Export button until the export is complete
  • Change “min” and “max” text under Behavior to “Min. options to rank” and “Max. options to rank”

Bug Fixes:

  • SQL injection in Report Filters
  • Performance issue with loading report item data
  • Unable to delete survey
  • Appearance issues with Rating Scale in Matrix
  • “Action Items” should not be displayed in item enumeration of the “Survey Response Details Item”
  • Can’t create/change Rank Order with a type, that is different from “DnD All” in certain cases
  • SSO/autologin is not working
  • Improve error message in case of mismatch between the current page on server and UI
  • Matrix Column width is not saved
  • Filter pop-up should be closed after filter applying
  • The chart is overlapped by Live Filter icon when “Display Survey Title” is unticked
  • Make an added group be displayed alphabetically within the list of already selected Groups
  • Number of applied static filters is not changed after adding/removing on GLF icon
October 27, 2020