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Release Date: April 22, 2020


  • Add a Dashboard setting “Show Legend”
  • Add a Dashboard setting “Include options with no answers”
  • Add a Dashboard setting for options order: Survey Order, Alphabetical, Response
  • Add a Dashboard setting for “Display dashboard source”
  • Provide an ability to set aliases on the system, report and dashboard chart levels

Bug Fixes:

  • Invitation URLs are being generated incorrectly
  • A deleted style that is used in a survey cause 404 error when opening it’s survey’s Style settings
  • Export responses execution timeout
  • Live filters with ‘Response Property’ type and a date for Ended/Started/etc. source item, filters wrong data because of an offset on database side
  • Sign Out button is displayed as “SHARED.SIGNOUT” in a server version
  • Title tag attributes don’t work for hover text as they did in V6
October 27, 2020