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Release Date: May 20, 2020


  • Reports functionality improvement (Caching)
  • Update current pdf export library to the last version
  • Allow JavaScript action item on the Completion Page
  • Optimization: reduce amount of limit/license requests by putting them into cache

Bug Fixes:

  • Only info selected in editor of “Response Details” item should be displayed on Print view
  • Error messages display raw HTML if validation texts have HTML formatting
  • “Cannot read property ‘started’ of undefined” on response opening
  • Schedule Invitation table and created invitations are not displayed until you quit the invitation and come back
  • AD user is not auto-logged in to the invitation even when option is enabled
  • Report is not updated after response deletion
  • Successful message is not displayed after moving survey to the folder
  • “Cancel” button does not reset any made changes in Admin Permissions setting tab
  • Remove the ability to set up negative numbers for step-amount counters
  • ‘Other’ option text field is not highlighted anymore (accessibility)
  • “Choose existing image” button doesn’t work on File Upload item
  • Required validation for Net Promoter item doesn’t detect completed answer after save and exit
  • AD is not removed from web config if it’s forcibly disabled
  •  Inability to choose a value of a slider in Conditions when the operand is “equals/not equals
  • Cannot read property ‘value’ of undefined – Rank Order with ‘null’ for images
  • Print window doesn’t pop up upon print response details page is open
  •  Images overlap each other in the horizontal display if the item has width and height restrictions
  • Mobile display: images don’t fit the screen in the vertical display if have width and height restrictions
  • Mobile display vertical default is not working
  •  [WCAG] <Send Reminder> is not focused using tab
  • Slider image and Image choice allow saving files with non-image formats
  • Disable counter and ability to type in for the Show Value option on Slider
October 27, 2020