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Release Date: June 3, 2020


  • Add a default Report Account Setting and Dashboard Setting to allow “Other” answers to be displayed in a table below a chart
  • Implement an ability to get a new Default Report name every time the Survey is renamed

Bug Fixes:

  • Take survey app home page redirect to custom URL won’t accept a valid URL
  • Response Details Previews are empty for all responses, unable to expand
  • “Cannot set property ‘show_legend’ of undefined” is displayed
  • When a chart is saved, “data source ID” and “filter group ID” and “children filter groups IDs” are not sending in the PUT => every time new IDs
  • Show “Start new response” button only if ‘count of completed responses’ < ‘response limit per respondent’
  • Bulk-delete of some schedules from the expanded “Get More” part erases all rows until page reloading
  • Survey application crashes when reCAPTCHA keys not present (on-premises)
  • Do not collapse dashboard page on the edit tab when a ‘space’ was inputted while renaming
  • Contact can be created without matching a password
  • Removed choice in matrix item cause error
  • An issue with empty rows in Response Detail charts in case the answer is empty
  • A user that is going by a report link to see the restricted report will get an error notification + blank page after successful login
  • Survey Response Preview dates should not have local timestamps
  • Matrix doesn’t fit the report window in Response Details Report
  • Localization is not displayed in Editor
  • Broken URL is displayed on invitation page after relogin
  • [Max Diff] Shows extra spaces in Preview
  • Lack of FR texts and grammar issues
  • Other Options setting value in Chart is always “Aggregate” despite System Setting value+Dashboard setting value on initial dashboard creation
  • Survey can’t be passed with Invisible CAPTCHA item on the page
October 27, 2020