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Release Date: June 17, 2020


  • Allow From field on email alerts and email response items to accept friendly email format
  • Performance improvements for dashboard items
  • Link to user/contact’s profile from licensing page
  • Return vertical orientation for Report PDF files

Bug Fixes:

  • Apostrophe in username causes error when logging in
  • Error 500 upon second attempt to save Net Promoter using back button
  • Leading zero digit(s) can be inputted and saved in single line text item
  • Non-system admin users get “You do not have access to perform this operation” error upon login
  •  “Cannot read property ‘init’ of undefined” is displayed when try to delete empty filter
  • Checkbox Service is working from the installation folder instead of the folder where we installed the application
  • Survey-wide CSS is applied app-wide
  • If hyperlink text is not specified the link itself will not show up
  • Fix validation patterns for question items
  • Contact is not able to login to the survey if invitation was sent to non-registered user
  • Apostrophe in username causes error when logging in
October 27, 2020