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Release Date: July 8, 2020


  • Enhanced focus indicator for screen readers/WCAG
  • Show Invitee on Response view if there is no username
  • Add the ability to set multiple choices as default for image choice item

Bug Fixes:

  • Hover/selected style on CB/RB items is cut off when choices are in Horizontal layout
  • Survey-wide CSS doesn’t apply right away
  • Survey-wide CSS is not displayed on Edit Survey Preview and not exported in PDF
  • Survey styles don’t display accurately in Preview
  • Recipients are shown in reversed alphabetical order when adding them to an invitation
  • Issues when creating a survey with the same custom URL as a deleted survey
  • Respondent is blocked from the survey with “email invitation only” if invitation link login option is off
  • Contact is not marked responded on an invitation if the “Allow invitation link to automatically log respondents in” setting is off
October 27, 2020