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7.19.2 + 7.19.3

Release Date: July 15, 2020


  • Add an option to allow Regex validation on single-line text items
  • Add an ability to create/edit page logic on Templates
  • Add a language selector for Survey and Template Preview

Bug Fixes:

  • Matrix items will not show validation messages if there is a custom-validation single-line item
  • Single line item declines saving any other type than Custom Validation
  • [Report Admin] should be able to see User Profile information
  • Custom URLs missing when upgrading to 7
  • Default report timeouts
  • User is not able to unsubscribe from survey if he doesn’t have permissions on survey
  • Question with custom validation is required even when the required option is off
  • RTL languages don’t change the direction on Preview
  • Survey created from a template gets Default Style instead of template’s
  • Fix build tool to set .js accordingly
October 27, 2020