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7.20.0 + 7.20.1

Release Date: July 22, 2020


  • Implement an ability to add template items to existing surveys
  • Numeric single line items can get a language prefix text at the ‘Default Text’ value causing an inability to save matrix
  • Add a setting at the survey level to make all questions required
  • Update angular and modules (security update)

Bug Fixes:

  • An error occurs when opening Edit tab of a survey which has added template items
  • Preview/Edit tab is failing if the last used Default Language/Preview Language was removed from languages in the survey setting
  • Raw HTML displaying in several places on the admin app
  • Question text and subtext are not displayed when editing question item
  • Hidden Items are not shown when viewing a Response
  • Spinner is displayed instead of CustomSourceDD in Editor
  • Fix inability to select text using a mouse cursor
  • Survey Admin can’t create a survey from a template in case template has a style that isn’t public
  • Error is displayed in pdf file in case report contains Pie/Doughnut chats
October 27, 2020