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Released May 29, 2019


  • Copy survey feature implemented
  • [Server] All upgraded report items should default to the Large dashboard size
  • Add AD settings as a step in the installer
  • UI for Active Directory Features

Bug Fixes:

  • Open text question with date validation still showing answer required message when answer is entered
  • Upgrade issue with upgrade_data.sql
  • “Sign Out” button is not displayed on take survey when test link is used first
  • [Mobile] Question number is not displayed for Multi-Line item
  • Resume links of upgraded accounts are not redirected
  • User-friendly error message is not displayed after uploading large image
  • [Server] “Allow Other” text is not displayed
  • Some header images are stripped when upgrading from 6 to 7
  • Error message on UI is not displayed when creating a survey with existing custom URL
  • Asterisk is displayed when “Show Asterisk for Required Questions” is unticked
  • Error is displayed when try to export response in some cases
  • Input field is too long when HTML Editor is ticked


October 27, 2020