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Released June 5, 2019


  • Improve loading of survey items
  • S3. [High] Cache survey data
  • Choices numbers should be added to Image Type

Bug Fixes:

  • No ability to specify email or password when adding a single contact
  • Username should be hidden in editor of existed contact
  • Error is displayed when Profile Property Updater item clicking
  • <Finish> button is displayed on the each page on the Preview
  • [NPS] Scale values disappear after changing language
  • Completion page is not displayed on Preview
  • Matrix column question text does not display on mobile
  • [Mobile,Tablet] HTML is corrupted in matrix
  • First page is unfolded after any new page was added
  • Merge codes were not applied after upgrade
  • Survey choices being overwritten by choices from another question
  • Merged data is not changed after choice changing
  • Permanent spinner and double-error are displayed on page with Response Summary


October 27, 2020