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Release Date: June 26, 2019


  • User “lock out” feature
  • Ability to use your own password restrictions with a regular expression
  • Update user lock out warnings
  • Add link to documentation in app
  • Password restrictions (set by Checkbox)  toggled on or off for an account
  • Contact / User Disable Setting
  • User Security Enhancements

Bug Fixes:

  • Sent invitations are still showing as scheduled in the invitation manager
  • Survey COpy Localization issue
  • No way to delete item conditions, page conditions, or branches
  • [AngularUpdate] Remove ObservableForkJoins
  • Permissions in Default Policy are not saved
  • If you add a condition to an item, then go back and edit that item, the condition source disappears.
  • Error is displayed when trying to some changes at the <User Settings> tab
  • Localization issue
  • Validation in <Confirmation Password> field is not displayed when it’s not matched with <Password> field
  • Just numeric type should be applied to <User Security Features> fields
October 27, 2020